February 4, 2013

MVP's. Free Agents, Friendly Matches, and Post Match Revenues

Friendly Matches can throw a little bit of a wrench into things.  Things only get confusing when MVP's and Free Agents are involved.

Here is the situation, League night wraps up with the end of week events, the next weeks matches are selected, team rating s compared, MVP's and Free agents assigned.  Then we all go our separate ways for a month but the opportunity is out there for Friendly matches to happen.

Jake addressed the question in the FAQ...

Q: During a league, how should the Underdog rules interact with Friendlies?  If I’m reading correctly, the Underdog value is set based on the week’s schedule, that money is used to buy MVPs and/or Free Agents, and then you get on with the week.  It’s specifically mentioned that teams keep MVPs for any Friendlies they play during the week (pg 60), but that seems to remove the balancing mechanism since it’s no longer based on the teams that are actually playing.  Any advice for handling this?
A: As the rules stand, the MVP(s) involved do not modify the Team Ranking so they are effectively “invisible” to the balancing mechanism for friendly matches.
D: I noticed this after the book had gone to press. Most of our play-testing had focused on the match rules and league games, with little time for friendlies in between. This meant that this issue never arose. But you’re right, it could be unbalancing. 
What I would suggest is one of two options, depending on your style of play. On the one hand you could just let it ride as is. That’s what I’d do. In this case you take the in-game background view that it’s all just part of the rough and tumble of the game, and as you’re playing outside the strictures of the league proper (and it’s just to provide a fun and exciting spectacle for the fans) exact fairness is less important than making a good show and rolling out the famous names.
On the other hand, if you want a fairer friendly game, you could expand on the rules on page 53. My suggestion here would simply be to add the MVP’s cost to the Team Ranking when you worked out the underdog values before the match. Easy! Of course, you need to decide whether to use the amount they are nominally worth or the amount you paid for them (I’d suggest the latter as it scales to your league and the nominal values are quite cheap!).
*** So here is the official ruling on how we will handle Friendly matches in our league. ***
1) When you are setting up the Friendly match add in the value of the MVP (your bid price) and any Free Agents (10MC...not the players actual value) you may have to your Team Revenue.
2) Compare both Teams Team Revenue - apply all underdog rules except for the hiring of MVP's.  So the underdog may add a "Friendly Free Agent" and will gain an extra d6 revenue after the match for every 10MC they are shorthanded.
3) Occasionally a team will play their league game before the other teams get their league game of that week in.  The team that played their League match still gets use of their MVP and Free agents in any friendly matches for the rest of the month.  When they sign on the MVP they get them for the full month, not just the one league game.  The MVP leaves their roster only when the end of week processing happens and new available MVP's are chosen.

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