December 31, 2012

Sons of an Orky....progress report.

Just a quick progress report on my Orx team.  Got the greenstuff on them for those players that needed their hair/beards.  Here is a quick run down.


Jaxx Stellar



Bobby Elvis

December 26, 2012

Strategy: The On-Side Trick.

  I've been thinking about catching an inaccurate pass and the chance of actually doubling it for the free action.  While doing so I came up with this rather risky play I call "The On-Side trick"

  This play will work best with a team that has numerous Strikers, preferably with some spare coaching dice, or "safe pair of hands" skill.  This will work best with the Veer-myn, though some MVP's are ideal for this trick.

  It is your rush and you are about to score, with a few of actions still in hand.  How to best take advantage of those actions. Move those spare strikers to the launch hexes, and be sure that they are facing the direction the ball will from launch after you score (Your right).  Turn their backs to the direction your ball launches from so should they be standing later turns when the ball launches from your hex, they will not be forced to attempt a catch the ball.  Line up multiple Strikers if you have enough actions.

  Then attempt your strike.  If you score, the ball will relaunch, and your striker will be in position to attempt the catch.  Using the coaching die here would be helpful, as you are looking for the double.  If you manage the double your free action will be a "Throw" and move your guy into one of the one point strike hexes, or two point if you are really feeling lucky and shoot.  I say the one point hex, because you will be moving with this shot attempt and down 1 die.  May as well make the most of it and try for the easy shot...unless you're a two point strike from winning.

  Best part is if you have multiple Strikers lined up before your first attempt, you can keep this going, so long as your dice hold.

Good Luck...you will need it to pull this one off.

December 13, 2012

Golem Painting Studios, Potential Corporation team colors

Too neat an image not to share for those of you just getting your teams and thinking about colors.

These folks do nice work...you can read the full article here (and see the full size image)....


December 5, 2012

Order of events between League games.

Here is a rough draft of how we will handle the timing of things between games.

When the last game is finished for that round of games.

1) Each team will be awarded MC for the game (if they won any).

2) Award player skills for those that have gone up a rank, calculate the players new value to the team.

3) Each team will choose to recycle or regenerate players lost in the prior game.

4) Each team may buy new players, cards or coaching dice.

5) The team will calculate the teams new Total MC (Team ranking)

6) The team with the highest ranking must do steps 1 through 5 for The Charming Princes Corporation team  
  • Used only in weeks with an odd number of players 
  • Get help from the player that played them last.

7) The team with the lowest ranking chooses their opponent for the next round.
  • If two teams have the same ranking use the team with the worst won / loss record
  • If teams are still tied after won/loss record flip a coin.  

8) Progress upwards through the Team values until all players have an opponent for the next week.
  • If there are an odd number of teams then the remaining team will play against The Charming Princes Corporation team.  
  • The Charming Princes may not be selected as an opponent, they are only assigned to the last remaining owner.
9) Teams playing each other will compare their Team Rankings to determine the underdog money for the underdog if there is any.

10) Determine which MVP's are available. There will be a random number of MVP's available per round. 
  • The minimum number available will be 1 for every 4 teams.
  • The maximum will be at least 2 less than the total number of teams playing that session up to all nine being available if we have 11+ teams playing that week. Do not count the Charming Princes for this, as they will use a different set of MVP's.  
  • We will use a number of d3 or d4 rolls to determine how many MVP's are available that week.  
  • So say there are 8 teams playing...the min would be 2 MVP's the max would be 6, so 2d3 would be rolled.  
  • Once the number has been determined, randomize which of the 9 MVP's are available.
11) Auction off the MVP's that are available.
  • Randomly select one of the available MVP's
  • Team with the lowest Team ranking gets to make the first bid, and work your way up to the team with the highest Team Ranking.
  • Once a bid has worked all the way through every team without a higher bidder, the MVP is awarded to that bid.
  • Charming Princes may hire any MVP's from the pool of MVP's not up for auction to the rest of the league at the MVP's current hiring rate +1 MC.  This is done by the person who will be running the Princes in their game (Winner of the first game that has finished playing).
12) Teams with Underdog money remaining may hire Free Agents following the rules in the rulebook.

13) Play your next League game.        

Rules for Wildcard MVP posted.

With the early release for the Wildcard Mini...we get an early release of her rules as well!  Thanks Jake!
You can fund the rule at the following link.


This will bring the total MVP's for season 1 up to 9...though the Humans will have a little advantage as having the most available willing to play for them.

While we are on the topic may as well break down the list of which MVP's will play for which teams.

Corporation (6 total):  Lucky Logan, Wildcard, John Doe, Enforcer, Buzzcut, Number 88

Forge Fathers (5 total): Gorim Ironfist, John Doe, Enforcer, Buzzcut, Number 88

Veer Myn (5 total): Reek "Payback" Rolat, John Doe, Enforcer, Buzzcut, Number 88

Orx & Goblins (4 total): Slippery Joe, Enforcer, Buzzcut, Number 88

Remember just because they won't play for you does not mean you can't bid on them to keep them out of your opponents hands.