July 8, 2013

Ultimate Dreadball sighting...

They posted a pic of the Ultimate (6 player) Dreadball pitch over on the Mantic site.  They took as they were playtesting the rules.  Looks like a blast!

Also Jake posted the Beta rules for the Teratons on his site.  They look interesting....That you can't slam them in the back is a pretty handy ability.

Also Beta rules for the Nameless...

Beta rules for Asterians...

Finally Beta Zee rules...

Finally a pretty sweet Excel sheet that can track a team...

July 3, 2013

Summer got in the way of our League....

I know it has been a while.  We have been having a hard time getting the group together for one last go of it for Season 1.  Season 2 minis are in house and have yet to be passed out.  Fear not the Maine Dreadball league is not dead...just in Limbo.

To pass the time I saw this post over on the Dreadball group on Facebook.  Too good not to share...some commercial director has apparently seen the game of Dreadball...

April 2, 2013

Season 2 Shipment...Mid April?

The Mantic folks have a big convention over in England on April 20th called SALUTE.  They have said the shipping order for the new Season 2 product will be...

1) Kickstarter Backers
2) Salute
3) Game stores / distributors.

We should be getting our season 2 Shipment Mid to Late April.  Here is a reminder as to what we drafted / purchased.  Still not sure about Yurik for Chris and Wyn for Gregg...neither are listed on the Pre-order page.  Also the Prone Markers, Season 1 & 2 Keepers and Extra stance Season 1 minis were pushed off to the Season 3 shipment (August?).

We should also be getting Dereck's Season 1 rulebook, Derek and my copies of the Season 2 rulebook, and 2 extra decks of cards.

The Rulebook for Season 2 is said to include.  New leveling up tables for players, and you can choose if you want to use the season 1 or Season 2 table with each roll.  The rules for Cheerleaders and Coaches.  Optional Injury rules...not sure if this is if your player has been killed or in the sin bin at the end of the match.

I picked up an about of extra teams for the buy one get one price.  Females for my Daughter.  Z'zor team is available if you want them Dave.$12.50.

Interesting bit of info I just discovered.  Judwan and Robots only start with 6 players on the team.  Following the rule of Double the starting position players...where Robots are all jacks (to start) and Judwan are all Strikers...they both are limited to 12 players, and have to leave the last two slots open for Free agents or MVP's.  EDIT: just got the season 2 rulebook...turns out the 12 cap is true for the Judwan, but Robots can go upto 14 due to their ability to transform.

Though noone has come close to having 12 players in our league yet...much less the cap of 14...so it looks to be a non-issue.

April 1, 2013

Season 1 Playoff Rules.

So we have one game session left in April before we have our Season 1 Playoffs in May.
Figure this would be a good time to go over the playoff rules we will give the test run.

1) All players will make the playoffs, The Proxy/filler teams in each league (Charming Princes in Bullpen / Sons in Greenhouse) will not take part in the playoffs.

2) We will seed teams 1-8. based upon.  Standard 8 team bracket. We will not reseed through the rounds.
     A) League Record
     B) Score Differential
     C) Team Ranking
     D) Coin Flip

3) Should any player miss the May event then the Top remaining seed will receive a bye in the 1st round.  Meaning only 6 people can make it...the top 2 seeds will get a bye, and we will match up teams 3-8 with those that are there.

4) Winning team advances to the next round...Should there be a Draw.  Both teams are eliminated from the playoffs, and the team they were slated to meet in the next round gets a bye.

5) MVP's...No MVP's will be available the playoffs.  However, underdog funds may be spend on one game only Coaching Dice or Cards. Free agents may also be purchased with underdog funds.

March 29, 2013

Got the digits on the Ladies...now how do you like those apples?

So Jake is posting over on Quirkworthy again, this time with the low down on the ladies.

  • 1 Guard, 4 Jacks, 3 Strikers on the starting team.
  • 0 Cards and 4 coaching dice to start as well.
  • All Jacks start with Running Interference.

Jake says they ladies and the men have the same stat line "for the most part".  I'm assuming he is referring to the Running Interference skill...but yah never know.

Corp Teams (Men and women) can be proxied for each other.  Meaning you can run the Gals as a boys team, or the boys as a girls team.  You can't mix and match.  You just have to let your opponents know before the Match or the start of a league which template (boys or girls) that you will be following.

March 26, 2013

Stats for Mee-Kel Judwan revealed on Mantic Blog.

Our friends over at Mantic are starting to hype Season 2, and with that they give us a sneak peak at one of the MVP's...Mee-Kel Judwan.

Guesses for the new Special abilities...

  • Pacifist - Can't throw the ball at opponents
  • Long Arms - added Range to throwing 4-8-12 hexes?
  • Misdirect - Judwan ability to move folks out of their hex?
  • 360 Vision - Over the shoulder catches?

More info on Season 2 teams....

Jake over on Quirkworthy has posted some info on the season 2 teams.

First up the Robots...


I like the Roll to transform...and double gets you two changes.


Next the Z'zor (Bugs)...


Seem a lot like the Orx team...but tougher.  Glad they only have one Guard to start with.  Slide for all their Jacks is sweet.  I'm assuming their Jacks are Skill 4+ where their Strikers are 5+.

March 15, 2013

Season 2 Pre-orders up on Mantic sales page.

  So Mantic has updated their sales page and some interesting tid bits are apparent from what you can see there.


First up the Ladies...

  • 4 x Plastic Female Jacks
  • 3 x Plastic Female Strikers
  • 1 x Plastic Female Guard
"The roster relies on their Jacks and their training focus on Running Interference. This, together with an extensive additional coaching schedule, enables them to react swiftly to opposing plays, and makes the Sirens very tricky to predict. "

Robots come with 10 minis...6 Jacks, 2 Guards and 2 Strikers.

A Judwan Striker needs no glove to catch or throw the ball, instead using his long, lithe arms and slender fingers to launch the ball with as much or more speed as other races.
What the heck does that mean?  Skill 3+? Longer Passing range than the other races?  We will find out soon.


  • 5 x Plastic Z’zor Jacks
  • 2 x Plastic Z’zor Strikers
  • 1 x Plastic Z’zor Guard
  • Hmmm.  Bet their Guard is awesome...so good they had to limit them to only 1.

    MVP's have hints too...http://www.manticgames.com/Shop-Home/DreadBall/MVPs.html
    The robot Firewall is a Keeper.
    Ludwig the Z'zor...Sounds like he has Jump.
    Helder...can potentially be a striker or a guard?  Play for anyone?
    Mee'Kel...If there is a 2+ Skill MVP striker in the game...this will be the guy.
    Rico...Not much info...Guess he is a Striker.

    March 4, 2013

    MVP's and Friendly matches.

    So here is a slight adjustment to the MVP rules for our league.  We actually have been kinda doing this from the start, just adding it in writing now.

    We split the MVP's in to two Pools each week the League pool and the Friendly pool. We randomly determine which MVP's are available for league games each week, random between 2 and 7. They are the League MVP's and are bid on as according to the rules (League MVP pool). The MVP's are auctioned off and linked to that team for all games that week (League and friendly). Any MVP not bid upon in the auction is placed in the friendly pool. Their auction value is added to the team for Friendly games only.

    Those MVP's not available for the "League" that week are in the Friendly pool. Friendly matches calculate their team ranking (adding in any league mvp's they may have) and determine underdog funds. The MVP's in the friendly pool may be taken with underdog funds. MVP's in the Friendly pool can take part in multiple friendly games during a given week. So the Friendly pool is there to help balance all friendly games..not just a first come first serve basis.  Potentially, there could be two friendly games happening at the same time, it is perfectly fine if both of those games have the same MVP playing from the friendly pool.

    This could also add the potential of MVP's on both sides of the field...which is sure to make games even more interesting.

    February 26, 2013

    Started on Jeff's Veer-Myn

      Whoa...over a week since the last post.  Been a little busy with the Kids break week and 2 league game nights.

      Small update.  I started painting up Jeff's Veer-Myn for him.  Here is the base coat pic.

    Will drybrush light grey over the black to make the details come out.  I was initially going for an Ivory and crimson...though the basecoat of off white has grown on me.  Kinda gives them the look of the new Iron Man 3 armor.  Plan to paint the circle for where the number goes in black and use the white waterslide decals.  Will be putting some old Clan Nova Cat logos on one shoulderpad, small enough so they look like Rats and not Cats.

    February 17, 2013

    Sons of an Orky, finished.

    Back Row:   Clay 01, Opie 02, Tig 03, Piney 04
    Middle Row:  Big Otto 08, Happy 10, Chibbs 12, Kozik 14
    Front Row:  Juice 11, Jax Stellar 07, Bobby Elvis 09

    February 8, 2013

    Running Interference and the Stall foul.

      Here is a neat little trick that might be useful to some of you.  Saw this on one of the forums, darned if I can remember which one.  Eventually in a League you will get Jacks with the Running Interference ability.  Or you may just have the card in your hand and are not quite sure where to use it.  Consider using it to make it a heck of a lot tougher for your opponent to use his bench for one turn.

      This will take some setting up, but may well be worth it in a tight game with lots of players cycling through the sin bins.

      First you will want to have a numerical advantage on the pitch, and have some of your opponents player ready to come out.  No point in doing this if your opponent has all 6 players on the pitch, or no one on his bench.

      Next you will need a Jack with the Running Interference ability, or the card in your hand, even better if you have both.  During your Rush, move this Jack to one hex away from the Yellow entry hex of your opponents bench.  When it is your opponents first action, declare Running Interference and move the Jack the one hex to block his entry hex.

      Now the Stall Foul can be called at "the end of any action by the opposing team".  Jake has clarified that you opponent can call a Stall Foul here.  He will have one chance to get your guy off the hex, if you make it past the foul roll you will be in good shape.  Your Jack will be in position for your opponents entire rush and they can not check again until your rush, and then only at the end of your first action.

      With your first action of your next rush, move your Jack out of the hex and avoid the foul being called (unless you want to risk it that is).  Now if you have the Card, with your last action you can move back in, and do it for another whole Rush...driving you opponent quite mad.

      Now to get really nasty with this trick.  If you have the MVP Wildcard on your team for the match...she is the ultimate player to utilize this trick.  Her "Even the Odds" ability lets you do this any rush you do are losing the game.  So move her in at the start of your opponents rush, then use your first action to move her out....until you tie the game or take the lead.  Effectively locks the door to the opponents bench, so long as your luck with the foul rolls holds.  ;)

    February 7, 2013

    The Sons of an Orky, first batch done.

    Back row from left... Clay, Opie, Tig, Piney with his oxygen tank.
    And up from Jaxx Stellar, Goblin Jack modded from the Slippery Joe mini.

    February 6, 2013

    Storms a comin'...Bumped Bullpen league one week.

      With the coming Nor'easter we are going to bump our league night one week to Friday the 15th.  I was hoping to avoid the Valentine weekend for those of us with significant others...but guess that was not to be.

      This will give folks one more week of painting time to work on their teams for that bonus 1MC.  Speaking of which I finished Jaxx Stellar last night.  I REALLY have got to get me a photobooth for taking shots of my minis...sometimes they come out OK...but others, well.  I promise to get a nice group shot when the entire team is done.

      But for now...here are a couple of Jaxx

    February 4, 2013

    MVP's. Free Agents, Friendly Matches, and Post Match Revenues

    Friendly Matches can throw a little bit of a wrench into things.  Things only get confusing when MVP's and Free Agents are involved.

    Here is the situation, League night wraps up with the end of week events, the next weeks matches are selected, team rating s compared, MVP's and Free agents assigned.  Then we all go our separate ways for a month but the opportunity is out there for Friendly matches to happen.

    Jake addressed the question in the FAQ...

    Q: During a league, how should the Underdog rules interact with Friendlies?  If I’m reading correctly, the Underdog value is set based on the week’s schedule, that money is used to buy MVPs and/or Free Agents, and then you get on with the week.  It’s specifically mentioned that teams keep MVPs for any Friendlies they play during the week (pg 60), but that seems to remove the balancing mechanism since it’s no longer based on the teams that are actually playing.  Any advice for handling this?
    A: As the rules stand, the MVP(s) involved do not modify the Team Ranking so they are effectively “invisible” to the balancing mechanism for friendly matches.
    D: I noticed this after the book had gone to press. Most of our play-testing had focused on the match rules and league games, with little time for friendlies in between. This meant that this issue never arose. But you’re right, it could be unbalancing. 
    What I would suggest is one of two options, depending on your style of play. On the one hand you could just let it ride as is. That’s what I’d do. In this case you take the in-game background view that it’s all just part of the rough and tumble of the game, and as you’re playing outside the strictures of the league proper (and it’s just to provide a fun and exciting spectacle for the fans) exact fairness is less important than making a good show and rolling out the famous names.
    On the other hand, if you want a fairer friendly game, you could expand on the rules on page 53. My suggestion here would simply be to add the MVP’s cost to the Team Ranking when you worked out the underdog values before the match. Easy! Of course, you need to decide whether to use the amount they are nominally worth or the amount you paid for them (I’d suggest the latter as it scales to your league and the nominal values are quite cheap!).
    *** So here is the official ruling on how we will handle Friendly matches in our league. ***
    1) When you are setting up the Friendly match add in the value of the MVP (your bid price) and any Free Agents (10MC...not the players actual value) you may have to your Team Revenue.
    2) Compare both Teams Team Revenue - apply all underdog rules except for the hiring of MVP's.  So the underdog may add a "Friendly Free Agent" and will gain an extra d6 revenue after the match for every 10MC they are shorthanded.
    3) Occasionally a team will play their league game before the other teams get their league game of that week in.  The team that played their League match still gets use of their MVP and Free agents in any friendly matches for the rest of the month.  When they sign on the MVP they get them for the full month, not just the one league game.  The MVP leaves their roster only when the end of week processing happens and new available MVP's are chosen.

    January 28, 2013

    Slowest painter ever...Opie finished.

    Got my first Orx (Opie) done.  sorry for the quality of pics.  I promise to do better in the future.

    Ignore the Power armored mini in the 3rd shot.  It was a proxy for Buzzcut, in a league game.

    January 20, 2013

    Bullpen League: Week one postgame report.

    As somewhat an unofficial tradition we failed to take pics of games down in the bullpen yet again.  Will make some signs to remind us for future games to see if that helps.

    On to the postgame.  We played week #1 of our Bullpen league Friday night.  8 teams 2 of each race.  To speed things up and help with folks learning the rules, we played Race on Race for week #1.  meaning Corp vs. corp, Orx vs. Orx, etc.

    Veer-myn (Jeff) vs. Veer-myn (Alex)...Jeff wins in an overtime match where Alex's misses a game winning strike and an fast pitch scattered the ball all the way down to the other end where Jeff got the one point win.

    Orx (Fab) vs. Orx (Rob)...Fab in a totally dominating 6-0 win.  2 deaths and 4 guys hit the "3 rush" Injury bin for Rob.  Rob missed two 4 point shots.

    Forge Fathers (Chris) vs. Forge Father (Dereck)...7-0 win for Chris.  Game was over so fast I missed what actually happened.  No deaths on either side.

    Corp (Lee) vs. Corp (Gregg).  2-0 win for Gregg.  Lost of scoring in this one.  Both owners had a player killed.

    Week 2 matchups set...

    Orx (Rob) vs. Forge Fathers (Chris).  Rob with the big underdog points adds Buzzcut (11MC of underdog cash), and a Corp Jack free agent (cruddy roll there) to help even out the odds vs. the top rated FF team.

    Forge Father (Dereck) vs. Fab (Orx)  Dereck adds Number 88 for his entire underdog fund of 17 MC  to his roster to try and help speed up his team.

    Veer-myn (Jeff) vs. Veer-myn (Alex).  Rematch from week #1, though Alex has added the Enforcer this time through the use of his underdog funds.

    Corp (Lee) vs. Corp (Gregg), another rematch...Lee replaced his lost guy, Gregg went another route.

    That's all for now.

    January 18, 2013

    Bullpen League - 5 hours till kickoff.

    I wanted to make a quick post about the Kickoff of our Bullpen Dreadball league.
    1. We will have food first.  I made two batches of Chili with some baked potatoes.  Fill the tank and go over some rules, and how the league will work.  I have a lits of things to go over while we eat and during the first session.(Odd number of players comes to mind)
    2. We will shoot to have 2 games tonight.  Session #1, will be a preseason / training game as we have a couple of folks they have yet to play a game, with others that have played half a dozen times.  Session #2 will be week #1 of the league for everyone except me (see #3 below).   
    3. Looks like we will have 9 players.  Here is how we will handle the odd number.  In session #1, I'll put my Orx team against the "Fill in on odd # of players team" the Charming Princes and play my Week #1 game.  One of the new Corporation players will co-run the team with Fabby and we will use this as the new players training game as I teach them the rules.  Fabby will be the odd man out, not running a team in session #1 helping with rules questions and keeping things moving. other than he will be co- running the Charming Princes.  This will get my week #1 game out of the way.  Freeing me up for session #2 to be the rules / helper guy when everyone else is playing their week 1 game.  Just got a call and one player can't make it tonight...back to 8 players.
    4. Friendly's and teams status for those.  Friendlies may be played between gamenights.  you may only play one vs. any single opponent   You may use any MVP's and free agents assigned to you for your next weeks match.

    January 17, 2013

    Team Painted League reward system.

    I have been thinking of a gentle way to motivate folks to finish painting their teams, but nothing too over the top.

    I came up with this simple solution for leagues.

    If your entire team is three color Painted and Numbered, after each game your team earns and extra 1 MC.  I know not much, but after 10 games you could get another player.  Say the extra revenue comes from jersey sales from the impressive appearance of the team that game.  MVP's / free agents would not count toward the "Complete team" aspect and not be held against you.

    Made a painting progress chart for the minis I have to paint.  Snap shot of it is to the right.

    I've told Jeff from our league that I would paint his minis for him, so in the Bullpen League I will not take the 1MC award for my team until his team is completed as well.


    *** The Painting extra cash only applies to League games.  It does not apply to friendly matches between rounds.***

    January 16, 2013

    Getting ready for Bullpen League night.

    Small update before we kick our Bullpen League off this Friday.

    Set up the tables on an angle.  The standard gaming table width of 4' is just a little too far to reach across for Dreadball.

    Also made up a few charts for folks to reference during play / between games to help speed them along.  Made from scrap wall paneling from my Bathroom remodel...stuff works great as whiteboard.

    Finally made a league standings board.

    January 14, 2013

    Things to do and to Teach folks for League night kickoff.

    To do List:
    1. Buy some new dry erase markers. Done
    2. Be sure all minis are numbered in one way or another Done
    3. Be sure each team roster sheet is complete before the league starts
    4. Make "Charming Princes" Roster sheet, and number team in case we have odd number of players.
    5. Paint facing dots on Proxy minis (without hexes) that are to be used. Done
    6. Make a What to track board that all can see when playing.  (Fan checks, EXP, scoring diff) Done

    Things to be sure to teach folks:
    1. Scattering ball.  A 1 is always away from the player whose turn it is.
    2. Where the Ref can move...we had been playing it wrong.  She can go in the yellow lines, just not on the DB squares in the center of the board.
    3. Correct way to roll dice, Leave those 6's and other successes up and roll another die.
    4. What to track for experience (3+ turn injuries, 3 or 4 point shots, keep stack of fan checks)
    5. Track which players hit the pitch...to be eligible for Man of the match.
    6. Team with most fan checks gets Man of the Match Exp point...not necessarily the winning team.
    7. Cost to revive a player.  Cost to recycle parts.
    8. Bouncing ball of the walls, 6 corner places..goes back directly from the direction it came.  So a ball bouncing from the sin bin entry hex to the end point of the board would bounce back toward the entry hex, not up the middle toward the 4 pt strike hex.

    January 11, 2013

    Piney's Oxygen tank...WIP

    Small "Sons of an Orky" progress report today.

    Following up on the "Piney needs an Oxygen tank." project.  Turns out Greenstuffing a strap was harder than I had hoped.  After the third attempt didn't quite look right I changed my mind and decided to make it a chain that was holding up the Oxy tank.

    I took one of the old GW double fuel tanks...from a Chimera set I think.  Cut it in half, then cut the fuel tube off and used the connector as the cap for the tank itself.  Here are three images of the Work in progress.

    I still need to add the fishing line for the Oxy tubes, but I will not add them until after Piney is painted.  Will try to run the tubes out of the front of the tank then around the far ear, and split it behind the head to loop back into the nostril holes.

    You can click on the pics to see a larger image.  Figure I'll paint up the chains rusty to hide their sloppiness compared with the armor.  Tank will get the dull oxy green color.  His is the 4th Orx on the team...so for him to even hit the roster I'll have to do well in the league.

    January 9, 2013

    Setting up the Two Leagues...

    Wait Wut'...two leagues?

    Yeah I'll be setting up two Dreadball leagues.  This will be more accommodating to peoples hectic schedules and limited gaming time.  Each league will only play once a month (that is where my limited gaming time comes into play).
    Apocalypse game down in the basement.

    One in the Gamer's Bullpen...aka my basement, one Friday night a month (probably mid month).  Will take the place of the Monthly Battletech game.  Three 4' x 6' tables, we will sit on the corners or long sides, as reaching across the 4' edge is a little tough. 5-6 Dreadball pitches...for now until more can be constructed.  Sorry folks this will be an invite only league...Got to keep the numbers down at the house.  First event will be Jan 18th, 6pm.

    269 Water Street, Gardiner ME
    The second league will be once a month (toward the end of the month), Saturday's (Afternoon or Evening to be determined) down at Greenhouse Games in Gardiner Maine.  First session or two will be training sessions teaching folks the rules.  Then we will kick off the league.  This will be an open league for anyone at the G-House that wishes to partake.

    People can play in one or both leagues.  I have posted the Google docs for the leagues to the right.  I will also post the next planned event date and time over to the right as well (once I lock in the time).

    We will use the MVP's from the Kickstarter Striker Package.  I'll be playing my Sons of an Orky team in the Bullpen league. I'll be putting on my Mantic Games Pathfinder hat and acting as Judge / League sponsor in the Greenhouse league (playing only if there are an odd number of teams).

    More to come...

    January 7, 2013

    Random Monday morning thoughts...Edited

    Couple of Random thoughts on a Monday morning.

    Played a training game over the weekend with a good friend.  He made a suggestion that will send one of my Orx back to the greenstuff table.

    My 4th Orx Guard and first add on to the team in a league, will be Piney.  Piney has some breathing issues and needed an Oxygen tank for much of the show.  So the Piney Orx will be getting a small oxygen tank and some translucent Fishing line running to his nose for the air tubes.

    Second random thought is about The Ball scattering rule and the rush does not end until it stops scattering.  Though if an opposing player has a chance at the ball and fails, it can end their rush as well, (it does not end their rush).  This can lead to some confusion (even by me).  (Special thanks to FanofDreadball for the comment below)

    Edit:  The confusion can be cleared up by the phrase "Lose the ball during your rush, your turn ends."  It is the potential "Free action" earned by doubing a scattered ball catch, and the timing of those free actions that can lead to confusion.

    So here it my attempt to make the situation as confusing as possible and keep you all on board for the solution.

    Corporation Player A has the ball, on rush 6 with 3 actions left.  He uses his 3rd action to attempt a pass to one of his strikers.  The striker manages to botch the catch and the ball scatters.  This starts the "rush is not over until the ball stops scattering" grey area.  

    The ball scatters to Player B's Veer-myn Striker who manages to Double the inaccurate pass - scattered ball catch roll and gets an immediate free action.  This free action takes place now because technically the ball has not stopped.  Going through the end of turn sequence (Moving Ref, Sliding players down the sin bin) at this point is a little early as you will see.  So the Veer-myn player with his Free action declares a throw action with his Striker and runs down the pitch to get to a scoring hex, though in getting there he fails an Evade check and falls over...scattering the ball again.

    The Ball scatters back to the Corporation striker for player A, who also doubles his Inaccurate Pass, bounding ball roll, getting a free action.   He takes his free action as a Run and moves up the pitch.  The Ball has now stopped "Scattering" from the first drop and it is still player A's 6th rush and he has 2 Action tokens left.
    Now lets look at it the incorrect way...
    If you had gone through the entire End of turn sequence once the Veer-myn striker had the ball, it could get even more confusing.  Say you did do the end of turn sequence before the free action, which would be understandable as the ball seems to have "Stopped" scattering.  It becomes Rush 7, the Veer-myn player does the free action before any of his Action tokens, and Evade falls with the scatter...losing his turn without using any of his 5 action tokens.  The ball scatters to the Corp Striker and another end of turn process starts, making it turn 8.

    Can be a little tricky...hope I have helped some of you.

    Guess the real point of this post.

    "Free actions earned from a scattered ball catch are taken immediately and count as the ball still scattering."


    January 4, 2013

    Team Lab Rat vs. Clan Nova Rat?

    So I'm painting up the Rats from our Kickstarter set for a friend.  Came up with two potential schemes...
    I had some old "High Tower" or Dark Tower" minis of a Lizard space faring race that look close enough to use at test minis for the Veer-myn schemes.

    First up was Team Lab Rat which I had posted about before.  Essentially albino Lab Rats in Medical Scrub colored armor.

    Second was Clan Nova Rat...a blatant rip of the Battletech universe Clan Nova Cat.  I had some extra waterslide decals of the Clan Nova Cat logo, and with the size of them the "Cat" looks close enough to be a Black "Rat".

    Turns out I wasn't thrilled with either of them (even though they are only base coated).  Chances are what I'll do is a spin with both.  Veer-myn will have Black skin and Fur, Red and Ivory armor with the Nova Cat logo on one shoulder pad.

    That is all for now...

    January 3, 2013

    Throwing the ball, Couple of rules clarified...

    Pulled right from Jake's Dreadball FAQ.  Good stuff here, that I think helps the Rats (striker in the strike hex), and the Forge Fathers (Throwing at a downed target).
    Q: Can I have a friendly player on a Strike Hex when I Throw the ball at it? If so, what happens if the Strike attempt is missed? Can that player try to catch the ball (as an inaccurate Throw)?
    A: Yes. A friend facing the wrong way will be struck as if he was an opponent. A friend facing the Thrower must make an attempt to catch the inaccurate Throw.
    D: An intriguing conundrum here, and not explicitly covered in the rules. The ruling is based on the following logic. Firstly, you can choose to target the Strike Hex or an opposing player if they share the same space, so it would seem strange if you could not differentiate between friend and Strike Hex. So yes you can choose to either pass to your team mate or try for the points. In fact, you must make that choice as you can’t do both at once. And yes, there will be times when you do want to Throw the ball to your friend rather than at the Strike Hex.
    If you score then all is well and the game continues as normal.
    If you miss then an opponent would be struck. This should also apply to a friend who does not have the Throwing player in his front arc. He cannot see the ball coming to avoid it – even if he knows it’s on its way. 
    If the ball misses the Strike Target and the friendly player on that hex is facing the Thrower then they must try to catch the ball (as an inaccurate Throw). This is the closest to the normal rule. Essentially you have to decide whether it should be more like a attack or a poor pass, and given that all DreadBall players have linked headset comms built into their helmets it seems reasonable to assume that a friendly player facing the right way will know what’s coming. 
    I wouldn’t expect to see this happen much as it costs an action to get the player onto the Strike Hex on top of everything else and he only has a marginal chance to catch the ball. However, some folk are bound to try it  :)  
    Q: Can I Throw the ball at an opposing player who is on the floor? If so, what modifiers (if any) apply?
    A: Yes. The target cannot Dodge, and the normal modifiers apply to the Throw.
    D: While it’s a bit mean and underhand to Throw the ball at fallen opponents, it also seems to be entirely in character with the game and I can’t see why you shouldn’t. The rules say that a target player only gets a chance to Dodge if they have the Throwing player in their front arc. As fallen players don’t have arcs they can’t possibly have the Thrower in their front and so cannot Dodge.  The modifiers and results apply as written with the obvious note that the target cannot fall over as they are already on the ground. They can however, be knocked back into other hexes by the force of the impact and can be required to make armour checks. As they are on the floor they have no facing so do not need to be turned if pushed back.