January 9, 2013

Setting up the Two Leagues...

Wait Wut'...two leagues?

Yeah I'll be setting up two Dreadball leagues.  This will be more accommodating to peoples hectic schedules and limited gaming time.  Each league will only play once a month (that is where my limited gaming time comes into play).
Apocalypse game down in the basement.

One in the Gamer's Bullpen...aka my basement, one Friday night a month (probably mid month).  Will take the place of the Monthly Battletech game.  Three 4' x 6' tables, we will sit on the corners or long sides, as reaching across the 4' edge is a little tough. 5-6 Dreadball pitches...for now until more can be constructed.  Sorry folks this will be an invite only league...Got to keep the numbers down at the house.  First event will be Jan 18th, 6pm.

269 Water Street, Gardiner ME
The second league will be once a month (toward the end of the month), Saturday's (Afternoon or Evening to be determined) down at Greenhouse Games in Gardiner Maine.  First session or two will be training sessions teaching folks the rules.  Then we will kick off the league.  This will be an open league for anyone at the G-House that wishes to partake.

People can play in one or both leagues.  I have posted the Google docs for the leagues to the right.  I will also post the next planned event date and time over to the right as well (once I lock in the time).

We will use the MVP's from the Kickstarter Striker Package.  I'll be playing my Sons of an Orky team in the Bullpen league. I'll be putting on my Mantic Games Pathfinder hat and acting as Judge / League sponsor in the Greenhouse league (playing only if there are an odd number of teams).

More to come...


  1. Just remembered I have a card table that would be perfect.

  2. All set with the tables. Got the Bullpen tables angles to 4 games can go on easy. with another dining table set up for a 5th and 6th game, and a 6 footer incase we need it.