January 18, 2013

Bullpen League - 5 hours till kickoff.

I wanted to make a quick post about the Kickoff of our Bullpen Dreadball league.
  1. We will have food first.  I made two batches of Chili with some baked potatoes.  Fill the tank and go over some rules, and how the league will work.  I have a lits of things to go over while we eat and during the first session.(Odd number of players comes to mind)
  2. We will shoot to have 2 games tonight.  Session #1, will be a preseason / training game as we have a couple of folks they have yet to play a game, with others that have played half a dozen times.  Session #2 will be week #1 of the league for everyone except me (see #3 below).   
  3. Looks like we will have 9 players.  Here is how we will handle the odd number.  In session #1, I'll put my Orx team against the "Fill in on odd # of players team" the Charming Princes and play my Week #1 game.  One of the new Corporation players will co-run the team with Fabby and we will use this as the new players training game as I teach them the rules.  Fabby will be the odd man out, not running a team in session #1 helping with rules questions and keeping things moving. other than he will be co- running the Charming Princes.  This will get my week #1 game out of the way.  Freeing me up for session #2 to be the rules / helper guy when everyone else is playing their week 1 game.  Just got a call and one player can't make it tonight...back to 8 players.
  4. Friendly's and teams status for those.  Friendlies may be played between gamenights.  you may only play one vs. any single opponent   You may use any MVP's and free agents assigned to you for your next weeks match.

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