January 11, 2013

Piney's Oxygen tank...WIP

Small "Sons of an Orky" progress report today.

Following up on the "Piney needs an Oxygen tank." project.  Turns out Greenstuffing a strap was harder than I had hoped.  After the third attempt didn't quite look right I changed my mind and decided to make it a chain that was holding up the Oxy tank.

I took one of the old GW double fuel tanks...from a Chimera set I think.  Cut it in half, then cut the fuel tube off and used the connector as the cap for the tank itself.  Here are three images of the Work in progress.

I still need to add the fishing line for the Oxy tubes, but I will not add them until after Piney is painted.  Will try to run the tubes out of the front of the tank then around the far ear, and split it behind the head to loop back into the nostril holes.

You can click on the pics to see a larger image.  Figure I'll paint up the chains rusty to hide their sloppiness compared with the armor.  Tank will get the dull oxy green color.  His is the 4th Orx on the team...so for him to even hit the roster I'll have to do well in the league.

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