January 20, 2013

Bullpen League: Week one postgame report.

As somewhat an unofficial tradition we failed to take pics of games down in the bullpen yet again.  Will make some signs to remind us for future games to see if that helps.

On to the postgame.  We played week #1 of our Bullpen league Friday night.  8 teams 2 of each race.  To speed things up and help with folks learning the rules, we played Race on Race for week #1.  meaning Corp vs. corp, Orx vs. Orx, etc.

Veer-myn (Jeff) vs. Veer-myn (Alex)...Jeff wins in an overtime match where Alex's misses a game winning strike and an fast pitch scattered the ball all the way down to the other end where Jeff got the one point win.

Orx (Fab) vs. Orx (Rob)...Fab in a totally dominating 6-0 win.  2 deaths and 4 guys hit the "3 rush" Injury bin for Rob.  Rob missed two 4 point shots.

Forge Fathers (Chris) vs. Forge Father (Dereck)...7-0 win for Chris.  Game was over so fast I missed what actually happened.  No deaths on either side.

Corp (Lee) vs. Corp (Gregg).  2-0 win for Gregg.  Lost of scoring in this one.  Both owners had a player killed.

Week 2 matchups set...

Orx (Rob) vs. Forge Fathers (Chris).  Rob with the big underdog points adds Buzzcut (11MC of underdog cash), and a Corp Jack free agent (cruddy roll there) to help even out the odds vs. the top rated FF team.

Forge Father (Dereck) vs. Fab (Orx)  Dereck adds Number 88 for his entire underdog fund of 17 MC  to his roster to try and help speed up his team.

Veer-myn (Jeff) vs. Veer-myn (Alex).  Rematch from week #1, though Alex has added the Enforcer this time through the use of his underdog funds.

Corp (Lee) vs. Corp (Gregg), another rematch...Lee replaced his lost guy, Gregg went another route.

That's all for now.

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