January 4, 2013

Team Lab Rat vs. Clan Nova Rat?

So I'm painting up the Rats from our Kickstarter set for a friend.  Came up with two potential schemes...
I had some old "High Tower" or Dark Tower" minis of a Lizard space faring race that look close enough to use at test minis for the Veer-myn schemes.

First up was Team Lab Rat which I had posted about before.  Essentially albino Lab Rats in Medical Scrub colored armor.

Second was Clan Nova Rat...a blatant rip of the Battletech universe Clan Nova Cat.  I had some extra waterslide decals of the Clan Nova Cat logo, and with the size of them the "Cat" looks close enough to be a Black "Rat".

Turns out I wasn't thrilled with either of them (even though they are only base coated).  Chances are what I'll do is a spin with both.  Veer-myn will have Black skin and Fur, Red and Ivory armor with the Nova Cat logo on one shoulder pad.

That is all for now...

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