January 7, 2013

Random Monday morning thoughts...Edited

Couple of Random thoughts on a Monday morning.

Played a training game over the weekend with a good friend.  He made a suggestion that will send one of my Orx back to the greenstuff table.

My 4th Orx Guard and first add on to the team in a league, will be Piney.  Piney has some breathing issues and needed an Oxygen tank for much of the show.  So the Piney Orx will be getting a small oxygen tank and some translucent Fishing line running to his nose for the air tubes.

Second random thought is about The Ball scattering rule and the rush does not end until it stops scattering.  Though if an opposing player has a chance at the ball and fails, it can end their rush as well, (it does not end their rush).  This can lead to some confusion (even by me).  (Special thanks to FanofDreadball for the comment below)

Edit:  The confusion can be cleared up by the phrase "Lose the ball during your rush, your turn ends."  It is the potential "Free action" earned by doubing a scattered ball catch, and the timing of those free actions that can lead to confusion.

So here it my attempt to make the situation as confusing as possible and keep you all on board for the solution.

Corporation Player A has the ball, on rush 6 with 3 actions left.  He uses his 3rd action to attempt a pass to one of his strikers.  The striker manages to botch the catch and the ball scatters.  This starts the "rush is not over until the ball stops scattering" grey area.  

The ball scatters to Player B's Veer-myn Striker who manages to Double the inaccurate pass - scattered ball catch roll and gets an immediate free action.  This free action takes place now because technically the ball has not stopped.  Going through the end of turn sequence (Moving Ref, Sliding players down the sin bin) at this point is a little early as you will see.  So the Veer-myn player with his Free action declares a throw action with his Striker and runs down the pitch to get to a scoring hex, though in getting there he fails an Evade check and falls over...scattering the ball again.

The Ball scatters back to the Corporation striker for player A, who also doubles his Inaccurate Pass, bounding ball roll, getting a free action.   He takes his free action as a Run and moves up the pitch.  The Ball has now stopped "Scattering" from the first drop and it is still player A's 6th rush and he has 2 Action tokens left.
Now lets look at it the incorrect way...
If you had gone through the entire End of turn sequence once the Veer-myn striker had the ball, it could get even more confusing.  Say you did do the end of turn sequence before the free action, which would be understandable as the ball seems to have "Stopped" scattering.  It becomes Rush 7, the Veer-myn player does the free action before any of his Action tokens, and Evade falls with the scatter...losing his turn without using any of his 5 action tokens.  The ball scatters to the Corp Striker and another end of turn process starts, making it turn 8.

Can be a little tricky...hope I have helped some of you.

Guess the real point of this post.

"Free actions earned from a scattered ball catch are taken immediately and count as the ball still scattering."



  1. "Though if an opposing player has a chance at the ball and fails, it can end their rush as well". Hi Ranger Bob, I would disagree with this statement. It is still his turn until the ball stops scattering, otherwise running interference would also cause you to lose your turn if the ball scatters into you and it explicitly states in the book that you dont. Therefore you can only lose a rush if you fail to catch the ball in your own turn ??

  2. Thanks FanofDreadball. I needed to re-word my thoughts after reading your comment. I have edited the post to more accurately refelct what i was thinking about. Meaning Free actions counting as part of the ball scattering and still moving.

    Thanks again!