January 14, 2013

Things to do and to Teach folks for League night kickoff.

To do List:
  1. Buy some new dry erase markers. Done
  2. Be sure all minis are numbered in one way or another Done
  3. Be sure each team roster sheet is complete before the league starts
  4. Make "Charming Princes" Roster sheet, and number team in case we have odd number of players.
  5. Paint facing dots on Proxy minis (without hexes) that are to be used. Done
  6. Make a What to track board that all can see when playing.  (Fan checks, EXP, scoring diff) Done

Things to be sure to teach folks:
  1. Scattering ball.  A 1 is always away from the player whose turn it is.
  2. Where the Ref can move...we had been playing it wrong.  She can go in the yellow lines, just not on the DB squares in the center of the board.
  3. Correct way to roll dice, Leave those 6's and other successes up and roll another die.
  4. What to track for experience (3+ turn injuries, 3 or 4 point shots, keep stack of fan checks)
  5. Track which players hit the pitch...to be eligible for Man of the match.
  6. Team with most fan checks gets Man of the Match Exp point...not necessarily the winning team.
  7. Cost to revive a player.  Cost to recycle parts.
  8. Bouncing ball of the walls, 6 corner places..goes back directly from the direction it came.  So a ball bouncing from the sin bin entry hex to the end point of the board would bounce back toward the entry hex, not up the middle toward the 4 pt strike hex.

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