January 17, 2013

Team Painted League reward system.

I have been thinking of a gentle way to motivate folks to finish painting their teams, but nothing too over the top.

I came up with this simple solution for leagues.

If your entire team is three color Painted and Numbered, after each game your team earns and extra 1 MC.  I know not much, but after 10 games you could get another player.  Say the extra revenue comes from jersey sales from the impressive appearance of the team that game.  MVP's / free agents would not count toward the "Complete team" aspect and not be held against you.

Made a painting progress chart for the minis I have to paint.  Snap shot of it is to the right.

I've told Jeff from our league that I would paint his minis for him, so in the Bullpen League I will not take the 1MC award for my team until his team is completed as well.


*** The Painting extra cash only applies to League games.  It does not apply to friendly matches between rounds.***

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