February 8, 2013

Running Interference and the Stall foul.

  Here is a neat little trick that might be useful to some of you.  Saw this on one of the forums, darned if I can remember which one.  Eventually in a League you will get Jacks with the Running Interference ability.  Or you may just have the card in your hand and are not quite sure where to use it.  Consider using it to make it a heck of a lot tougher for your opponent to use his bench for one turn.

  This will take some setting up, but may well be worth it in a tight game with lots of players cycling through the sin bins.

  First you will want to have a numerical advantage on the pitch, and have some of your opponents player ready to come out.  No point in doing this if your opponent has all 6 players on the pitch, or no one on his bench.

  Next you will need a Jack with the Running Interference ability, or the card in your hand, even better if you have both.  During your Rush, move this Jack to one hex away from the Yellow entry hex of your opponents bench.  When it is your opponents first action, declare Running Interference and move the Jack the one hex to block his entry hex.

  Now the Stall Foul can be called at "the end of any action by the opposing team".  Jake has clarified that you opponent can call a Stall Foul here.  He will have one chance to get your guy off the hex, if you make it past the foul roll you will be in good shape.  Your Jack will be in position for your opponents entire rush and they can not check again until your rush, and then only at the end of your first action.

  With your first action of your next rush, move your Jack out of the hex and avoid the foul being called (unless you want to risk it that is).  Now if you have the Card, with your last action you can move back in, and do it for another whole Rush...driving you opponent quite mad.

  Now to get really nasty with this trick.  If you have the MVP Wildcard on your team for the match...she is the ultimate player to utilize this trick.  Her "Even the Odds" ability lets you do this any rush you do are losing the game.  So move her in at the start of your opponents rush, then use your first action to move her out....until you tie the game or take the lead.  Effectively locks the door to the opponents bench, so long as your luck with the foul rolls holds.  ;)

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