March 15, 2013

Season 2 Pre-orders up on Mantic sales page.

  So Mantic has updated their sales page and some interesting tid bits are apparent from what you can see there.


First up the Ladies...

  • 4 x Plastic Female Jacks
  • 3 x Plastic Female Strikers
  • 1 x Plastic Female Guard
"The roster relies on their Jacks and their training focus on Running Interference. This, together with an extensive additional coaching schedule, enables them to react swiftly to opposing plays, and makes the Sirens very tricky to predict. "

Robots come with 10 minis...6 Jacks, 2 Guards and 2 Strikers.

A Judwan Striker needs no glove to catch or throw the ball, instead using his long, lithe arms and slender fingers to launch the ball with as much or more speed as other races.
What the heck does that mean?  Skill 3+? Longer Passing range than the other races?  We will find out soon.


  • 5 x Plastic Z’zor Jacks
  • 2 x Plastic Z’zor Strikers
  • 1 x Plastic Z’zor Guard
  • Hmmm.  Bet their Guard is awesome...so good they had to limit them to only 1.

    MVP's have hints too...http://www.manticgames.com/Shop-Home/DreadBall/MVPs.html
    The robot Firewall is a Keeper.
    Ludwig the Z'zor...Sounds like he has Jump.
    Helder...can potentially be a striker or a guard?  Play for anyone?
    Mee'Kel...If there is a 2+ Skill MVP striker in the game...this will be the guy.
    Rico...Not much info...Guess he is a Striker.

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