March 29, 2013

Got the digits on the Ladies...now how do you like those apples?

So Jake is posting over on Quirkworthy again, this time with the low down on the ladies.

  • 1 Guard, 4 Jacks, 3 Strikers on the starting team.
  • 0 Cards and 4 coaching dice to start as well.
  • All Jacks start with Running Interference.

Jake says they ladies and the men have the same stat line "for the most part".  I'm assuming he is referring to the Running Interference skill...but yah never know.

Corp Teams (Men and women) can be proxied for each other.  Meaning you can run the Gals as a boys team, or the boys as a girls team.  You can't mix and match.  You just have to let your opponents know before the Match or the start of a league which template (boys or girls) that you will be following.

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