April 1, 2013

Season 1 Playoff Rules.

So we have one game session left in April before we have our Season 1 Playoffs in May.
Figure this would be a good time to go over the playoff rules we will give the test run.

1) All players will make the playoffs, The Proxy/filler teams in each league (Charming Princes in Bullpen / Sons in Greenhouse) will not take part in the playoffs.

2) We will seed teams 1-8. based upon.  Standard 8 team bracket. We will not reseed through the rounds.
     A) League Record
     B) Score Differential
     C) Team Ranking
     D) Coin Flip

3) Should any player miss the May event then the Top remaining seed will receive a bye in the 1st round.  Meaning only 6 people can make it...the top 2 seeds will get a bye, and we will match up teams 3-8 with those that are there.

4) Winning team advances to the next round...Should there be a Draw.  Both teams are eliminated from the playoffs, and the team they were slated to meet in the next round gets a bye.

5) MVP's...No MVP's will be available the playoffs.  However, underdog funds may be spend on one game only Coaching Dice or Cards. Free agents may also be purchased with underdog funds.

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