March 4, 2013

MVP's and Friendly matches.

So here is a slight adjustment to the MVP rules for our league.  We actually have been kinda doing this from the start, just adding it in writing now.

We split the MVP's in to two Pools each week the League pool and the Friendly pool. We randomly determine which MVP's are available for league games each week, random between 2 and 7. They are the League MVP's and are bid on as according to the rules (League MVP pool). The MVP's are auctioned off and linked to that team for all games that week (League and friendly). Any MVP not bid upon in the auction is placed in the friendly pool. Their auction value is added to the team for Friendly games only.

Those MVP's not available for the "League" that week are in the Friendly pool. Friendly matches calculate their team ranking (adding in any league mvp's they may have) and determine underdog funds. The MVP's in the friendly pool may be taken with underdog funds. MVP's in the Friendly pool can take part in multiple friendly games during a given week. So the Friendly pool is there to help balance all friendly games..not just a first come first serve basis.  Potentially, there could be two friendly games happening at the same time, it is perfectly fine if both of those games have the same MVP playing from the friendly pool.

This could also add the potential of MVP's on both sides of the field...which is sure to make games even more interesting.

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