December 5, 2012

Rules for Wildcard MVP posted.

With the early release for the Wildcard Mini...we get an early release of her rules as well!  Thanks Jake!
You can fund the rule at the following link.


This will bring the total MVP's for season 1 up to 9...though the Humans will have a little advantage as having the most available willing to play for them.

While we are on the topic may as well break down the list of which MVP's will play for which teams.

Corporation (6 total):  Lucky Logan, Wildcard, John Doe, Enforcer, Buzzcut, Number 88

Forge Fathers (5 total): Gorim Ironfist, John Doe, Enforcer, Buzzcut, Number 88

Veer Myn (5 total): Reek "Payback" Rolat, John Doe, Enforcer, Buzzcut, Number 88

Orx & Goblins (4 total): Slippery Joe, Enforcer, Buzzcut, Number 88

Remember just because they won't play for you does not mean you can't bid on them to keep them out of your opponents hands.

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