November 30, 2012

The Sons of an Orky...building the team

  My plan with my Sons of An Orky team is to model and name the players after characters from the Sons of Anarchy show.  If you read the background story for The Sons of An Orky Dreadball Club, you will know about "WonderGrass" and how it grows on any surface.  Taking from the backstory of Slippery Joe, and the Goblin / Orx lack of hair...I figure I would take my team a step further than Joe and his fake mustache.  The majority of the team will have hair or beards made out of greenstuff added to the minis.  The "Wondergrass" beards will sculpted and painted to match each look of the specific characters of the show.

  My next challenge was to select which mini to use for which characters.  Having gone in on the Kickstarter Cheerleader package, I have 14 players for the team.  I also grabbed two Orx Keeper minis and landed the spare Slippery Joe Goblin mini.  I then had to think about which character would be an Orx and which would be a Goblin.  I also had to plan for the Starting 8 on the team, and for the 2nd shipment in April when the Alternate sculpts would come in.  Plan is to max out the number of Orx as the team grows, and play a Slam fist, score second style of play with the team.  I'll be using the logo above as the team logo...may even make some waterslide decals out of it...we'll see.

  Here is what I came up with.  I'll organize these by the mini that will be used for their character, and by their Armor/Jersey Number.

Using the Orx Guard mini

#1) Clay [Starter]
Large size was a natural choice for an Orx.  Plan to just paint on a "grey" stubble beard for Clay (No Greenstuff).  Clay will be one of the Keeper upgrades, make recycle the Clay Guard mini or keep it depending on what we get for the April alternate sculpts shipment.

#2) Opie [Starter]
Another Orx due to Opie being the biggest guy on the show.  Extensive straight hair greenstuff behind the helmet, and a significant straight full beard.  Probably the toughest of all the green stuff jobs for the team. Opie will get the other Keeper upgrade mini if the Keeper mini has a visible chin.

#3) Tig [Starter]
The most violent person in the Club, Tig had to be an Orx.  Will get a small tuft of a chin beard out of greenstuff.  Hoping Tig will roll the "hurt others" types of skills rather than the Keeper.

#4) Piney 

For his sheer size Piney makes a better Orx than Goblin.  Piney will be the first purchase as the Sons grow from their starting 8 players.  Minimal greenstuff goatee painted gray / red.


Using the Orx Guard Alternate Sculpt mini - Shipping in April

#5) Frankie Diamond

I know he had limited screen time, but seriously, how could I pass up a chance for this mustache.  Hoping the Alternate Sculpt Orx has a slightly larger upper lip than the first one.   One of the bigger guys on the show, so he gets to be an Orx.

#6) Filthy Phil 

Short Curly haired beard.  Size of the character lead to him becoming an Orx.  This is also assuming we get 2 of the Alt Sculpt Guards.  If we only get one...then the #1 Clay Guard will become #6, and Clay just use the Keeper Mini (even if he doesn't have the keeper skill)

Using the Slippery Joe MVP Mini

#7) Jaxx Stellar  [Starter]
Club President gets to have the unique mini.  Plan to clip the mustache, greenstuff the goatee.  Will have long parted blond hair.  Yeah, Jax is too small to be an Orx, so he gets to be a Gobbo.


Using the Goblin Jack #1 mini (Spikey Helm)

#8) Big Otto  [Starter] 
Green stuff the mustache, chin stripe and Eye patch.

#9) Bobby Elvis [Starter] 
Scraggly long beard for Bobby.  May be the toughest with that tiny chin on the model.  Figure better to need a lot of beard to have room for mistakes on this one.  Maybe some long hair flowing out from under the helmet.

#10) Kozig 

Add on goblin as the team progresses, no green stuff mods.  Those that know how Kozig met his end on the show, will understand why he gets this goblin mini over the other one.

#14) Happy

No green stuff mods for Happy. Will get a slightly different helmet color to be different than Kozig.


Using the Goblin Jack #2 mini (Smooth Helm)

#11) Juice [Starter] 
Juice gets the smooth helm because it will be easier to paint his stripe and head tattoos onto the helmet like decorations.

#12) Chibbs [Starter]
Last of the starters.  Greenstuff goatee will be pretty easy on this gobbo.  Could have been an Orx...but ran out of starting slots.  Too important of a character not to be a starter.  Black/ gray coloring


Using the Goblin Jack #3 Alternate Sculpt (April)
#13) Miles 

May not ever make the club so his slot will be open to hire an MVP.  Red Goatee to be sure he looks different than Chibbs

Using the Goblin Jack #4 Alternate Sculpt (April)

#?) Umm....may change up some of the original Gobbos that I'm not happy with...but I'll stick with the 6 Orx & 8 Gobbos lineup...making this scuplt not needed.  (I'll find a use for it though...Coach maybe)


Well that's it, my rough draft of the Sons, and which mini will be which.  I'll post updates as the team progresses.  Til' then have fun!

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