November 5, 2012

Upgrade to Charming

Small update today...

I added some color to the Charming Field gameboard.

Home team is Blue rather than White...figured it matched the scoring and turn track numbers better.

Played a game of Orx vs. Forge Fathers this weekend.  Orx worked as I figured...Ignore the ball, Beat down the opponent.  The run 1 or 2 goblins next to the target player, then slam them with the running Orx works really well.  Rolling 5 dice to their 2 dice tends to put folks off the pitch.  I sent 5 Forge Fathers to the afterlife in the game.  Though I only won due to luck.  I had one scoring chance all game, gobbo in the 4 point spot.  Had to move to get there...so 1 die minus 1 = 0 so I used my Coaching die...50% chance of scoring with the 4+ skill.  I was lucky and got it.  Could just as easily have missed.

Figure with the Orx, I will average 3 action tokens per rush to beat down, and 2 per rush for the Ball.  Where as with the game I played with the humans I was spending all 5 actions focused on scoring.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah the 5 kill game was bad...with 5 dice it is easy to get that exploding 6.

    The worst part was, if it was a league game I would have crippled his team. He needed 49 MC to buy all his guys back...He would get 25 from the organ donation. And a D6 for the full game loss. So worse case he would have a team of 3 players and 26 MC to rebuild with. So he gets 2 guards...5 players, and a heck of a lot of underdog money for his next game.