November 8, 2012

Rough Draft: Maine League Season 1

Here is the rough draft for the Maine League, Season #1.

1) This is a living document so new ideas or adjustments may be made at any time. (EDIT..Edits will be prefaced with the EDIT tag.)

2) Still trying to lock down a date...Friday or Saturday nights.  Still trying to work out what is best for folks.  Every other weekend.  My place or the Greenhouse...working out the details.  May start at my place - taking the place of the monthly B-Tech game, then move to the G-House when Jeff's Pathfinder game is done.  (EDIT) Two leagues...once a month each.  Friday nights mid month, my place.  Saturday nights end of month. Greenhouse.

3) (EDIT) 5 Playing pitches, 2 boards, Acrylic one, Charming Field, and Madison Hex Garden.  Gregg's makes 6 for now.

4) (EDIT)  2 actual decks, printed out 3 more from the PDF I got for ordering Extra card decks.  Gregg's deck will come with his board if needed.

5) Proxy minis...will be allowed.  We are starting with 10 to 8 mini per team, and the 2nd sculpt shipment will not come in until "April".  As your team grows, you will need other minis to add on.  Likewise people will want to join in that will not have access to the Dreadball teams for a while.

6) MVP's - there will be a random number of MVP's available per round.  The minimum number available will be 1 for every 4 teams...the max will be at least 2 less than the total number of teams playing that session.  We will use a number of d3 or d4 rolls to  to determine how many MVP's are available that week.  So say there are 8 teams playing...the min would be 2 MVP's the max would be 6, so 2d3 would be rolled.  Once the number has been determined, randomize which of the 8 MVP's are available...and put them up for Bid.

7) Proxy for Buzzcut:  The Buzzcut MVP will not be included with the first shipment, So I have painted up a suitable alternative.  Fierce looking demon like mini...Could act like some uncommon alien creature that has the same stats as Buzzcut.  Will have to do until we get the actual mini.

8) The Wildcard mini will be shipped with this first shipment.  The Rules for Wildcard will not come out as a pdf sometime soon.  We will add her to the Season 1 pool of potential MVP's.

9) We will use Win / Loss percentage to determine the league winner.  If folks miss a week we will fall back to winning percentage, with a minimum number of games played to qualify. (EDIT) Must have played in 50% of league games to qualify your winning percentage.

10) "Friendlies" - Think of these as live scrimmages or  mid-season  practice games that count in every way except the won/loss record.  These can be played anywhere & anytime.  You will have any MVP or free agent you had from the last game you played of an official league night.  Only rule is you may not play the same person with friendly games back to back.  (EDIT) You may only play another player ONCE per month in a friendly match.

More to come...

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