November 1, 2012

Jaxx Stellar, Club President of The Sons of an Orky Dreadball club

Well they released a picture of the Slippery Joe mini,
He looks pretty sweet, looking forward to painting him up.
But I have other plans for him as well. As I've said in other posts, my crews cheerleader kickstarter pledge landed us 2 of each of the MVP's. One set of the MVP's we are painting up in the "Official colors" for league use.  So we will have one Slippery Joe in the colors you see here.

The second set of duplicate minis was put into a Draft pool and the 8 owners drafted the minis to add to their teams, as either coaches, alternative posed players or to get a jump start on a season 2 or 3 team.

Having an Orx team, naturally I picked up the 2nd Slippery Joe mini as soon as I could.  My plan is to use him as a regular Goblin Jack, but mod the mini so he stands out.

He will be getting a greenstuff long hair, mustache trim and converted to a greenstuff goatee.  He will be Goblin Jack #7, aka Jaxx Stellar, Club President of The Sons of an Orky Dreadball Club.

But goblins are hairless!  Why would he have a hair and a goatee?
Well that ties into Charming Field and the "WonderGrass" Turf background story of the club.  Somehow the Sons have gotten the Wondergrass to grow on their scalps and chins!  They have since trimmed it and dyed it to look like real hair.  Making them the envy of many an Orx team.

I'll probably give my Orx Guard "Opie" a beard and long hair, Others on the team (Tig, Chibbs, Bobby Elvis) will get minor greenstuff work so that they match up with their character from the show.  Love the Greenstuff.

I'll post pics of the job and progress made.

Stay tuned.

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