October 30, 2012

Veer-myn Guard, Painting Ideas

Hey Folks...Small update today.

In case you missed it, above is the new pic of the Veer-myn Guard from over on the Mantic site.  Looking forward to painting up Team LabRat.

Paint Scheme:  I'm painting up a Veer-myn team for a friend.  My idea is to make them Lab rats.  Albino in color, White fur, red eyes, flesh a little more pink than these pics.

Their armor will be as if they were medical assistants.  Seafoam Green for the main parts of the armor, Ivory secondary for the shoulder pads, wrappings and masks, Steel colored metal bits.  Going for a look something like this truck for the armor...with the white being a little more dirty ivory to show the difference with the white fur.

Hope all the East Coast US Dreadballers made it through Hurricane Sandy alright.  Stay safe folks.

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