October 15, 2012

Tracking Actions taken by players.

  Each player is limited to Two Actions Tokens and One Card per Rush.  With the free actions it can be a little confusing as to which player had used which action.  Add in the fact you can use an Action token on a player, move on to use actions on other players then go back to the first player you used an action with.  I know...how hard is it to keep track of 5 actions?  Well things happen, folks get distracted, and us older gamers don't have the memory we used to.  If nothing else this will be a tool to help when learning the game.

  Here is the idea to help you track which players had actions played upon them.

When you play an action on a player, place the action counter along side the turn track that matches that players number.

  For example:  My rush starts and I want to do a Run action with Goblin Jack #7.  I place my action token next to Turn 7 on the turn tracker along side the board.  My 2nd action, I want to Slam with my Orx Guard #3...I place the action token next to Turn 3.  My 3rd action I want to move Goblin Jack #7 again, so I place that token next to Turn 7.  The two tokens next to that turn show I can not play any more actions on player #7.  At the end my my turn I would pick up my action tokens.  You could also put the used cards in a turn over by the turn tracker I as well.

  I know that gamer attention spans are not the greatest in the world.  Or you may have to walk away from the game for a bit.  Heck this may be in the rulebook already.  Or attempting to use more than 2 action tokens on the same player my be a "Foul" only if you are caught...not sure.  Wanted to throw this idea out there as it seemed a simple means to keep track of which player had gone.

Edit:  Jake (the Dreadball designer) visited the blog!  He clarified that using more that the 2 allotted actions on a given player is not a "foul", doing so is just against the game rules and may not be done.     


  1. I have had these problems from the start of the game! This could very well help me.

    Cheers mate!!

  2. A nice simple idea, and clever use of the board. I knew there was a reason there were 14 turns and 14 players ;)

    It's not in the rule book (never had the problem myself), but if you don't mind I might put it in the FAQ as a good suggestion.



    1. That would be great! Please feel free to add it to the FAQ.

      Thanks for all your work on this game Jake. Looking forward to the many hours about the table playing Dreadball with friends and family.

  3. Great idea! Simple and easy to implement