October 26, 2012

Judwan Tactics...early guesses

  So here is some VERY early speculation on my part as to how the Judwan will play.  First up the Stats...

Guessing they will be...
Move 6
Strength 5+
Speed 4+
Skill 3+

I can see the move being a 5 or even a 7, that will come down to Jake and the playtesting.  For this post we will assume they get Move 6.

So you have a team of strikers, all with armor 5+ and strength of 5, meaning even a Goblin Jack is a threat to you.  Plan on losing at least one Striker to the bin (or worse) every round...I would even consider saving the coaching dice just for armor saves...more on that later. (EDIT...Buhallin reminded me the Strength Stat is unneeded on Strikers as they always must Dodge.  That being said the Speed of 4+ will still make them challenged to stay on the field)

I think the strength of the Judwan will be taking advantage of the "Free Action" for doubles on a catch.  The trick to this taking two Judwan and using a will be Rugby style or short Lateral passes backwards to a player behind you.  What?  That doesn't make sense...hear me out.

I call this play The Judwan Tango...(modified after realizing I forgot the moving throw penalty)

  1. Striker A has the Ball and Striker B is 3 hexes in front of him.  Striker A uses an action token and declares a Pass.  
  2. Striker A moves his 6 hexes, running past Striker B, but remains within 3 hexes of Striker B and turns sideways to face him, but still look up the field.  Then attempts to pass (Lateral) the ball back to Striker B.
  3. Striker A rolls 3 dice (3 for short pass +1 for being a Striker, -1 for moving) needing 3+...You are hoping for at least 2 successes here...  
  4. Say you get 2...Now Striker B has to catch the ball...He rolls 3 dice (2 pass successes +1 for being a striker) needing 3+ again you are looking for 2 successes here to get your free action.  Should be a little better than 50% chance thanks to the exploding 6.
  5. Assume you get 2 successes, which means you get a free action right away.  Well you are a striker with another striker 2-3 hexes infront of you...sound familiar?
  6. Go back to Step 2 with the roles reversed, using the free action to declare a Pass.
The trick will be keeping the Strikers facing each other.  You will be tempted to use a coaching die to improve your catch chances...I would say save you coaching die for your armor saves or your multi-point strike attempts.  Will it work every time...no.  But you could potentially move down the entire field and score with just two guys and one action token.  After they score...plan on writing off the Judwan in the scoring zone.  The key to this is the 3+ skill...other races lose the bell curve with the passing so the Judawn Tango will not work for them without some luck.

  Course there are other issues the Judwan will have to deal with...like how to move someone from the scoring zones.  But that is for another post.  

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