October 23, 2012

Multiple Prone Markers...Tracking Idea

Played a test game, and at one point I had 4 guys down on the pitch.  Lacking prone markers we just laid our guys on the pitch.  The custom board I made has 30mm hexes, but with the 25mm hexes of the official boards I can see it getting crowded out there.  Laying them down will work just fine, unless there are 2 or 3 other models in the area.  The prone markers will be handy...though I can see it getting confusing with which player does which prone marker belong too.  So in expanding upon my Action tracking idea, I came up with this idea to help keep track of which prone player belongs to which marker.

Number your Prone Markers.  
When using prone marker #1, place the Mini you just took off the board next to the #1 of your scoring track on the edge of the board.  When using prone marker #2, place the player next to #2, Etc...

Example: Orx Guard #2 is knocked down, replace Orx mini with prone marker #1 and place Orx guard on the side of your board by the #1 of your scoring track. Goblin Jack #7 is knocked down, replace him with Prone marker #2 and place him by the #2 on your scoring track.

I can see players forgetting which player was prone in which hex when using prone markers.  I had players down for 4 or 5 rushes, because I was focusing on the ball and the players I had upright..  When the Judwan (All strikers) and Zee (all jacks) hit the board, I can see it getting even more confusing.  Using the scoring track will work because chances are you will not have more than 7 prone players from your team on the board (though I bet some Zee team will manage to do it eventually).

For those of you painting your prone markers, Number the bottom or make the jersey # be the prone marker number.

That's all for now folks...enjoy!

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  1. Played a few games using "Prone markers" and the scoring track. Working better than I had thought it would. Actually using it more than the 5 action tokens next to the turn tracker idea.