October 24, 2012

Potential paint scheme...Judwan Rangers?

To me Dreadball is more like Hockey than any of the other major professional sports.
With the Sin Bin (Penalty Box), players coming onto the pitch (ice) from the bench, the fluid end to end  gameplay, not to mention the Slams (Checks)...just matches up better.  Just think of it as three nets rather than one.

As long as I have liked hockey I have been a fan of the NY Rangers.  Their playoff run in 1994 where they Won the Cup was epic.

I ended up with the Judwan as my season 2 team.  In thinking about a paint scheme for them I came up with this...Why not try to do them as the NY Rangers?

Not sold on the black skate looks...may change it back to the red/blue.  I also landed one of the Alpha Simian minis...Think the big ape will play the role of "Richter" (Mike Richter, Rangers Goalie in 94) for the team when Season 3 Ultimate Dreadball comes out.  He will be getting the same uniform color scheme as my Judwan no matter what I eventually choose.

To keep with the Hockey theme, I plan on making a white Hex pitch using 1 1/8" white unglazed porcelain tiles.  But that project is for another day...may even make it the Ultimate arena.

1 comment:

  1. Genius idea with the hex tiles! Opens up for a lot of different customized pitches.