October 21, 2012

Stopgap rules for Fouls with Ref, and Warehouse closing

Fouls and the Ref, best guess rules to use until us Kickstarter folks get the PDF.

Pulled from "Lex Major" over on the Boardgame geek forums...Thanks Lex!

These are my idea of "stopgap rules" while waiting for the full ones (still 10 days to go at least!). These are "best guesses" on how to play fouls with appropriate rules. Feel free to suggest/comment.

Fouls are called by the "victim" coach, and are rolled immediately after the Action is resolved.

Stomp: Is described in the rulebook preview on Mantic's blog. ( http://www.manticblog.com/?p=6362 )
Stall: Described at the same place.
Sucker punch: is a foul where you start in the target's front arc, and move to its rear arc before Slamming.
Sneak: is the foul where you put more players on the field than allowed. A random player is sent off.
Distracting the Ref: Choose a player within 3 hexes of the Ref, and have him spend an action. You can then Roll a d6 for distance and move the ref. Distracting the Ref IS a Foul, but only the player distracting can be sent off.

At the end of their rush players roll a d6 and move the ref where they want. On a 6 you roll again and add to the initial score. The Ref starts on the checkered hex and can only be moved to legal locations (black hexes).

Spotting a Foul is a 1 Dice 4+ test when only the "Eye in the Sky" spots the foul. The number of successes will dictate the duration of the sin bin, with 4 being sent out for the match.
If the Ref is within 3 hexes of the Fouling player, there is +1 dice.

Make a Fan check whenever a player:
- Sends another player out of the game.
- Scores a 4-points Strike!
- (there must be something about passes, etc, but can't think of it).

Roll 3 dice at 4+, and get the number of successes as a "Cheer" token. When you have 3 Cheer tokens, you gain a Coaching Dice.


Are not used.

Kickstarter When?

Also Mantic is closing their Warehouse in Mid-November to (I would guess) put together the Kickstarter packages for shipping.  So I would guess a first week of December arrival time here in the States.

Best guess for the PDF of season 1 rulebook is soon after they close up the Kickstarter Survey...so maybe a Happy Halloween Treat.  

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