October 3, 2012

Alternative poses and Kickstarter Shipments

This whole post  is speculation on my part...

Just pulled this tid bit of information from the kickstarter comments section.

I got an answer from Mantic : "As for the alternate poses, they will indeed ship next year. The Human and Marauder teams will be getting 10 players this year and 4 next year, and the Veer-myn and Forge Fathers will be getting 8 this year and 6 next year."

So for those with the Kickstarter Striker package.
Looks like the the 2nd part of your Season 1 teams will ship with the Season 2 teams in the spring ./ early summer.

EDIT: Shipment counts confirmed by Mantic.

The 8 man contents of the team boxes are set:
FF - 3 Guards, 3 Jacks, 2 Strikers
VM - 6 Strikers, 2 Guards
Marauders - 5 Jacks, 3 Guards
Corp - 2 Guards, 3 Jacks, 3 Strikers.
The 10-player teams in the main box add-on 1 Jack and 1 Guard to the Marauders, as well as 1 Jack and 1 Striker to the Corporation.
The remaining figures in Jack/Striker will be random (though never exceeding the maximum number of player positions.)

Also from the "Asterisks" next to the MVP minis.  Looks as if there will be 4 MVP's that are part of the pre-Christmas shipment.  Rest will come with Season 2.

Lucky Logan - ???
Reek Rolat - Veer-Myn Only
The Enforcer - ???
Slippery Joe - ???

Looks like the Forge Fathers miss out on the early MVP's...unless one of the "Corporation" leaning guys will play for them.

As much as I am looking forward to all the great loot that comes with the Striker package.  I think the roll out with 8 to 10 starting players, and limited MVP's will make for stronger leagues down the road.  Baby steps...start small and work your way up.

The only downside I can see to getting two shipments of the Season 1 teams is a very minor one.  Painters, be sure to remember  (Or take notes) of the brand and color paints that you use.  I dislike painting units in separate waves as I usually get one shade wrong when I go back to paint the second batch.  "Did I use the GW Blue or the Vajillo Blue on these guys?".  Then the group does not look the uniformly painted.  I'll be sure to keep notes on my Orx...and probably set those pots of paint aside while they wait for the second shipment of minis.

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  1. Thanks for consolidating this information about shipments. And also the tip on taking paint notes. I always intend to do that, but never do. Maybe I'll be better this time and put the notes on paint colors in the box with the minis!