October 17, 2012

Maine Dreadball League...Development Ideas

  Looking though Jake's website (www.quickworthy.com) I came across some of the core fundamentals of League play. Jake's notes will be in Italic. Some rough ideas of how we will use these will be in the standard font.

Core League Principles and Overview

The idea is a simple mirror of sporting reality. Leagues are played in rounds. Your team plays a game, individual players become more experienced and at a certain point this cumulative experience manifests as a new ability. Players with more abilities are worth more, and the whole team is worth the sum of its players + ancillary bonuses (cards and Coaching Dice). This is the kind of thing we see in real world sports. Manchester United is worth more than Scunthorpe because it has better and more highly skilled players who are worth more.

Normal players sign long term contracts, but there are two other types of players in DreadBall: MVPS and Free Agents.

MVPs are, in effect, very highly paid mercenaries who work for the highest bidder and only for a limited time (a round at a time). This maximises their income.

Free Agents are normal players who haven’t yet been signed to a team. They are used by the DreadBall Governing Body as balancing factors in games to ensure that the crowds get an entertaining match and the sponsors keep paying.

  The Maine League, thanks to our Kickstarter bid, will have a full complement of MVP's available.  Jake has said a good number of MVP's is having one MVP available for every two teams each round.  We will randomize this number, each round using die rolls and some sort of bell curve.  So that the average dice will result in a 50% MVP to team ratio each round.  Once the number of MVP's is determined we will randomly determine which MVP's from the pool will be that round for the bidding.

  Free Agents.  We will have a pool of Free Agent minis for everyone to use.  Apparently the team building rules are not applied to Free Agents so potentially an Orx Guard could be on a Veer-myn team as a one game Free Agent.  So where will this pool of mins come from.  We are lucky with the "Cheerleader" kickstarter we got.  Where we are drafting the duplicate MVP's to use as alternative posed models, some of us will end up with more players than we can actually have on a team.

  For example: My Orx team. Will start with I'm guessing 5 Orx and 9 Goblin minis (after the 2nd shipment with the alternative poses is sent).  The max number of Orx on a team is 6, the max number of goblins is 10.  My plan is to maximize my Orx to 6 and have 8 goblins...for the max number of 14 players on my team.  With my draft I landed the Duplicate Slippery Joe Goblin MVP which I will be modding to use as a Goblin Jack on my team.  So that will give me two extra Goblin Jack minis I have no use for.  These Goblins I can throw into the "Free Agent Pool" for folks to use as Free Agents.

  Anyone can use these, there will be rules for who gets to buy them first.  Consider the Free Agents a poor mans MVP.  The Free Agent minis remain community property until they are pulled out with a Waiver Token.  Of course you can just ask another player to use one of their unused minis to use as a Free Agent, but they are under no obligation to do so.

  Putting a mini into the Free agent pool will get you a numbered waiver token, which you can use to take any mini out of the pool for you to keep.  I think this wont have much use, until we get to the Xtreame Dreadball of Season 4, where folks will be looking to make some funky teams.

Player Experience

When a player takes part in a match they may gain experience. This is done by doing what they are supposed to do particularly well. So, Strikers earn experience by making 3 or 4 point Strikes, Guards earn it by killing opponents or injuring them for 3 turns, and Jacks get it for either of the above. There is also a Man of the Match award to give a random player a boost.

MVPs and Free Agents never gain experience.

Player experience goes in ranks, with a player starting at rank 1. You need to earn a total of the next rank’s worth of experience to advance a level. So, a rank 1 player needs to collect 2 experience to rise to rank 2. Each time you go up a level you can roll on a table to get a new ability or stat increase. There is a table for each player role, plus a separate one for Extra Coaching (with different abilities) if you want to permanently sacrifice a Coaching Dice to roll on it. if you roll a result you already have then you get to choose from the remaining opions. If you have them all then you get to pick from any of the other role specific tables. In this way the advancement is a mixture of choice and luck.

 I put this in here so folks can see how players advance, and to see the down side of MVP's and Free Agents.

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