October 26, 2012

The Founding of The Sons of an Orky Dreadball Club

  The story of Charming Field and how it came under the ownership of The Sons of an Orky Dreadball Club is convoluted but not a surprising one.  It all came down to Corporation greed and the scheming of two individuals.   Samuel Crow, one of the six co-owners of  the Charming Consortium, and a exceptionally ambitious goblin pirate by the name of Jaxx Stellar.

  The Charming Consortium is all about image, or more accurately re-imaging. They are molders of countrysides, and masters of terra forming. They take newly secured worlds of the Corporation and re-image areas of them with Earth of old as a template. They can take a desert wasteland and in a few weeks convert it to a kingdom worthy of royalty, for those that can afford it.   

  To show off their terra forming / landscaping ability the Charming Consortium made a big splash in the top tier Dreadball league.  They created Charming Field which was the first Dreadball pitch to feature WonderGrass. WonderGrass would not only grow on the Titanium pitch, it would also re-grow during the match!  They also founded and sponsored the Charming Princes Dreadball team, a true fan favorite for their golden armor with purple trim.

  Samuel Crow, however was tired of sharing the stage with the other co-owners of  the Charming Consortium.  Through back channels he had come into contact with a goblin pirate by the name of Jaxx Stellar.  Samuel hired Jaxx and his gang to raid and sabotage the other Consortium owners work-sites while they were terra forming.  Over time the other owners came to Samuel Crow for financial assistance, signing over small portions of their segment of the Consortium to Samuel.

   Finally it was time for the big play, and Samuel Crow got more than he bargained for.  Every year the Charming Corporation holds a invitational tournament.  The tournament is for charity and only teams with players claiming some form of noble bloodline may compete in it, along with the Charming Princes.  Sort of a Pro-am, many of the regular players for the Charming Princes step aside and the Co-owners of the Charming Princes take the pitch in their place.  The "prize" for winning the tournament is none other than the Ownership of Charming Field.  Though being a charity tournament it is understood that the Princes will win every year.

  For the first time in the Charming Tournament of Princes and Orx team was allowed entry.  Jaxx Stellar had brought fourth his team, "The Sons of an Orky King" to compete.  The royal lineage check was cleared through Samuel Crow's people and the entry donation put forth through a secret account set up by Crow.

  Many of the Co-owners were reluctant to have to take the pitch against an Orx team even in a charity match.  However after the witnessing the Sons first two vicorties, the co-owners worries were put aside.  In their first matchup The Sons defeated the Kimino Rangers without injuring a player of the normally fragile Judwan species.  The Sons followed that match with downright chivalrous manners in the semi-finals while winning against the Val-Core Vixens. The Sons even helping some of female corporation players back to their feet after having been knocked down.  The only injury that match was to Jaxx, who had his ankle shattered when the Orx Guard "Piney" accidentally stepped on his leg.  Jaxx was Medi-ported from the bench to the emergency center and would have to miss the finals.

  The other Semi-final saw the Charming Princes face off against the Badlands Brewers team of Forge Father Lords.  In an attempt to showboat, Samuel Crow attempted a diving catch and his momentum carried him headfirst into the arena wall. He was immediately Medi-ported to the emergency medical care facility while the gasps from the crowd were still in the air.  The Princes went on to win with a show of dazzling passing skills and advanced to the finals against the Sons.       

About an hour later the final match of the Charming Tournament of Princes began.  The Sons won the coin toss and would get first chance with the ball.  As a tradition, the five remaining co-owners of the Charming Consortium were on the pitch with the Charming Princes Keeper and Captain, Alaana.   For the first time in the tournament the Sons started the match with 5 Orx Guards on the pitch.  The strategy seemed evident to the crowd that the Sons would attempt to run past the ball blocking access to the ball to everyone but the lone goblin jack.  The scripted play was for the goblin Jack to miss his shot, and the Princes would recover and score two quick 4 point shots to win the tournament. 

(Picture will be updated once I get the Kickstarter minis)

 Back at the emergency medical facility Samuel Crow was recovering and drawing all the attention of every medical person there.  Leaving Jaxx Stellar to slip out of the medical unit and enter the buildings medi-porter control room unnoticed.

  With the first rush, the Sons Guards sprinted up the field past the ball as planned.  The Co-owners realized something wasn't quite right when the Orx Guard Opie lowered his shoulder and pancaked one of the Co-Owners.  The Striker armor wasn't enough to prevent the lethality of the impact, only the crumpled body and armor lay on the field as Opie rose with a primal roar.  The other Co-Owners just looked at the body...wondering why the medi-porter was not wisking it away to save the memories and intellect of the former body.  It was only a couple of seconds, but that hesitation brought about the end of the remaining Co-Owners on the field. To the horror of the crowd the Sons Guards made short work of the executive officers of the Charming Corporation.

  Jaxx, slipped back into his medical bed and gave a knowing look over to Samuel Crow.  A couple minutes later one of the MedTechs noticed the Medi-porter was in the middle of a self diagnostic check, and thus unable to transport the injured to the Medical Facility.  He glanced to the monitor which was displaying the tournament to see a Sons Guard hurl a lifeless contorted Prince body down the pitch.  The live audio feed of the in-game commentator caught the unfiltered emotion of Prince's Captain Alaana helmet microphone..."The Sons of an Orky...My @$$!!!, They are %&$*@ ringers!".  Which brought out a snort from Jaxx and it was all Crow could do not change his faked concerned expression.         

  Being the lone remaining Co-owner with partial ownership of the remaining sections, full ownership rights of the Charming Consortium went to Samuel Crow.  He had it all...for a fleeting moment.  It was just about a week after the Tournament when a package arrived on his office desk.  In the package contained two items, a data crystal and a letter.  Crow opened the letter and began to read, as he slid the data crystal in to the port on his desk.

  Good day Sammy,

  Just wanted to say thanks for Charming Field, the Sons love the set up.  You know this wondergrass of yours just won't die. That keeps Tig entertained for hours as he keeps trying to off some of the stuff but can't.  Anyway enough of the small talk, time to get to business.

  I know you want us out.  You have some plan to be rid of the Sons...yeah we are keeping the name, "Sons of an Orky"...fitting with all the news play it got after that game.  Oh right, back to business.  I know you want to be rid of us, but that's not gonna happen.  Here is the deal.

  One.  You are gonna honor the results of the tournament, and let us keep Charming Field...Tell the real Charming Princes we are the hot item and you are cutting them loose to go free agent.  We are done with those silly tournaments, Charming Field is ours to keep.

  Two. We like Dreadball, much safer than pirate work.  You will keep up all the scheduling, events, everything.   We will replace the Princes in every way, except in name. We even will keep the sponsorship from the Charming Consortium. 

  Finally Three:  50% of the new profits you are now getting from your sole ownership of the Consortium...is now mine.  I'll expect monthly dividend checks...thanks.

  Why would you do this?  Well, that brings us to the data crystal.  On it is a copy of every conversation that you had with me.  A full history of our relationship.  A step by step replay of how you brought about the downfall of your former fellow owners.  Take a look if you don't believe me.  Sorry if yah get a little motion sick...watching playback from eye mounted Internal micro-recorders can make you a little queasy.  Would be a shame if this hit the Corporation news outlets.

  The Sons of an Orky are now officially on the payroll of Sam Crow. 

Be seeing yah.
Jaxx Stellar

PS: Don't try anything stupid or I'll send Tig to visit yah.  I'm sure he'll have better luck with you than he does with Wondergrass.

And that is how the Sons of an Orky Dreadball club came into existence...with a full sponsorship and their very own stadium they call home, Charming Field.

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