October 5, 2012

Proxy use of Duplicate MVP's

For those that don't know.  There are 8 of us that went in on a Cheerleader level kickstarter...which means 2 Striker Sets.  Which means two of all the MVP's included with the Striker sets.

We will take one set of the MVP's, seeing as how they are unique, paint them up in their official colors and keep them with the League stuff.

But what to do with the duplicate MVP's?

Well here is our plan.  Counting all the duplicate MVP's, the 2 coach minis, the two Mega Hex minis and all the Season 2 and 3 team player minis...there are 56 extra minis.  So we will hold a draft.  Many of the Duplicate Minis could be used as regular position player on their respective racial teams...just considered an alternate pose.  This will also give folks a chance to get a start on a second team.  Also considering the Rumors of Xtreme Dreadball...a wide selection of minis might be helpful.  Finally we have some play with the number of Buy one get one free season 2 and 3 teams.  Should folks come out of the draft with 4 of a certain race and an MVP of theirs, we can move the $12.50 to land them 8 players for that team and bam...pretty near full roster.

So the main point of the draft is to get some alternate sculpts for the starting teams, to start building the second team, or to get some odd minis for when the Xtreme Dreadball comes out late next year.

Yeah, some of the minis won't be around until next Spring and Fall, but that is fine.  Will give folks something to look forward to and plan for.

So I made a Tab on the Googledocs page to assist folks with the draft.  This till help folks best fit draftable minis into their current team or start building a new one.

Draft Tips page

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