October 2, 2012

Sneek Peek: Reek Rolat "Payback" Veer-myn MVP

So in checking out boardgamegeek.com I found this in their Dreadball game image files.

Things I have learned from this page...

* MVP's can be race specific.  Not shocking, actually expected this.  But this confirms some MVP's will only place for certain teams.

* MVP's have a position.  So they get the "Guard and Striker" added dice when doing certain things.

* The "Can't Feel a thing" skill takes away the first failed armor check roll...that is pretty huge.  You will need to beat Reek by least 5 dice to have a chance at killing him.  Plan on him being on the field the whole game with that ability.

* There is a minimum bid for MVP's.  Which is good.  Keeps them from landing MVP's for a 1mc bid.  Where our league has two of each of Season 1 teams in it, there will always be two bidding for the services of an MVP.

Edit: 10/31...Reek Rolat mini spotted!

1 comment:

  1. I can see quite a few bidding wars breaking out between Jeff and Josh for the use of this guy. He looks pretty helpful for the fast and fragile Veer-myn.