November 26, 2012

Odd number of teams on league night...

So here is my plan on how to handle an Odd number of teams showing up on a League night.

We will have a community team to be used only if there are an odd number of teams that show on league night.  This team will allow everyone to get their league games in.

The Team will be a Corporation team, and called "The Charming Princes" (displaced human team from my Orx team backstory).  I'll come up with some minis for them.

Here is how we will keep things fair.

1) League games are picked by using lowest team value.  The Princes may not be selected, they are assigned to the last team remaining   So as we are moving up the list and teams are chosen we will eventually get to a point with only 1 team is left...they will play against The Charming Princes.

2) The Charming Princes will be played by the owner of the team with the highest ranking, that finishes their league game first.  Use the rankings at the start of League night to determine.  That person chooses how the Princes will upgrade their team, buy new players / dice / cards.  (I'll run them if that person doesn't want to, just figured this would be the best way to keep League night rolling along.)

3) The Princes can also be the "guest players" team.  Meaning someone new shows up and they are not in the league, they can run the Princes if they would like to try out the game.  The Princes must still follow the rule below if being played by a guest player.

4) If the Charming Princes are underdogs, they may spend underdog credits on MVP's, just not the same batch of MVP's as the rest of the league that week.  They may only bid on MVP's that are not eligible to the rest of the league.  Meaning, when determine which MVP's are up for League auction that week, the rest are set aside.  These MVP's not up for auction may be hired by the Charming Princes at +1MC from their current salary.  This removes them from the auction, but still gives them a shot at MVP's if they are bigtime underdogs.

5) The Princes may also spend Underdog money on free agents if they wish.

That is all for now...

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