December 26, 2012

Strategy: The On-Side Trick.

  I've been thinking about catching an inaccurate pass and the chance of actually doubling it for the free action.  While doing so I came up with this rather risky play I call "The On-Side trick"

  This play will work best with a team that has numerous Strikers, preferably with some spare coaching dice, or "safe pair of hands" skill.  This will work best with the Veer-myn, though some MVP's are ideal for this trick.

  It is your rush and you are about to score, with a few of actions still in hand.  How to best take advantage of those actions. Move those spare strikers to the launch hexes, and be sure that they are facing the direction the ball will from launch after you score (Your right).  Turn their backs to the direction your ball launches from so should they be standing later turns when the ball launches from your hex, they will not be forced to attempt a catch the ball.  Line up multiple Strikers if you have enough actions.

  Then attempt your strike.  If you score, the ball will relaunch, and your striker will be in position to attempt the catch.  Using the coaching die here would be helpful, as you are looking for the double.  If you manage the double your free action will be a "Throw" and move your guy into one of the one point strike hexes, or two point if you are really feeling lucky and shoot.  I say the one point hex, because you will be moving with this shot attempt and down 1 die.  May as well make the most of it and try for the easy shot...unless you're a two point strike from winning.

  Best part is if you have multiple Strikers lined up before your first attempt, you can keep this going, so long as your dice hold.

Good Luck...you will need it to pull this one off.

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  1. Made a similar play to this at the weekend, had one action token in hand before I made a two point shot moved the striker to the first hex. I scored the ball was launched and I doubled and moved away from the action. My opponent made a mistake at this point, I would have went all out to injure the scoring striker he didn't one slam went on him and it was unassisted I dodged it.

    My next turn the ball carrier raced forward linked up with the second striker for a four point strike. 6-0 up in the 3rd turn.

    Its a great tool to watch out for the posibilty of catching the launch after a strike even for a dwarf you get the ball play keep away until you rack up a few injuries then score again.