September 20, 2012

Current Contents of Striker Kickstarter

(Multiply this by 2)

A copy of DreadBall (2 additional Orx and 2 additional humans added. Ref added)
Special edition Acrylic Counters (these are a kickstarter exclusive)
2 sprues of hex bases (48 bases)

Midgard Delvers team
Skittersneak Stealers team
6 additional Veer-myn players
6 additional Forge Father players
4 additional human players
4 additional Orx players
2 Season 2 female corporation players
2 Season 2 Judwan players
2 Season 2 Z'zor Players
2 Season 2 Robot players
1 prone FF model
1 prone veer-myn model
1 Marauder prone model
1 Corporation prone model
1 Female Corporation prone model
1 Robot prone model
1 Judwan prone model
1 Z'zor prone model
2 Season 3 Asterian players
2 Season 3 Nameless players
2 Season 3 Zees players

Lucky Logan MVP
Slippery Joe MVP
Gorim Ironstone MVP
Reek Rolat MVP
Wildcard MVP
John Doe MVP
Number 88 MVP
The Enforcer MVP
Buzzcut MVP
Kickstarter exclusive* Wyn Greth'zki MVP
Mee-kel Judwan, Superstar Sportsman – Season 2 MVP
Z’zor MVP - Season 2 MVP
Kickstarter exclusive* Nightshade Season 2 MVP
Anne-Marie Helder – Female Human Season 2 MVP
DBR-7 Prototype, Robot Season 2 MVP
Yurik “Painmaster” Yurikson, Forge Father Guard Season 2 MVP
Mellisandra - Asterian Season 2 MVP
Rico Van Dien Season 2 MVP
Riller, Zee Season 3 MVP
Kickstarter exclusive* Coach Renton
Multi-hex player of your choice

2 Teraton players
Blaine Seaon 4 MVP
A signed print of the cover art
A digital copy of the rules
A digital copy of the DreadBall Season 2 rules
A digital copy of the Season 3 rules

A digital “Creating DreadBall” book
Your name listed as a supporter in the DreadBall Fanzone
Free ticket to a future DreadBall event (will now be signed by Ronnie)
DreadBall Trophy (this is a kickstarter exclusive)
Decal sheet

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