September 25, 2012

The Draft Pool...

Ok, some point after we get the initial shipment we will have a "Draft" of the remaining minis.

With the two striker sets we will each have a set of  20 MVP players.  The MVP's are unique and play for the highest bidder.  Every "week" the MVP's are put into a pool and then a random number of them are available.  Some refuse to play for certain teams, where others are true merc and will pay for anyone.  They have said it is better to have fewer MVP's so I figure we roll 2d4 or maybe a d6 to see how many are available each week.  Then once the number is set...randomly choose that number from the 20 available and let the bidding commence.  All that to say, we will take one "set" of the 20 MVP's and put them with the boards and counters for community / League use.

But what to do with the other set?  Many of the MVP's could pass as regular players on your teams.  Each team also could have a "Coach"...and Cheerleaders.  So there are plenty of uses for those minis.  We will put them all into a draft pool (Along with the 32 Season 2 and 3 players we are getting).

We will do a random draw for the draft, and flip flop at the end ao 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1...etc
We will do the draft even though many of the minis are not going to come in until June 2013.  That way we can pass out the ones we do have.  We have enough minis for a 7 round draft...wow! (This is on top of your full teams of 14 players and a prone marker for your team)

There are also 16 Season 2 team minis and 16 Season 3 team minis that we will be getting (4 of each for the 8 different teams).  Anyone who kicked in cash for a season 2 or 3 team can give up their first four rounds of the draft and take those 4 team minis without fear of them being swiped.  Or they can take part in the draft and risk them getting drafted away.  Also there are prone markers for each of the season 2 teams in the set.
Who ever ends up with the most season 2 of that race gets the prone marker...coin flip for ties.

There are also two Coach Renton minis.  They will do no use as part of the League/ community batch of minis to use...so they both go into the draft.  (coaches can be quite useful).

There are also Two Ultimate Dreadball MultiHex minis which will be added to the pool.  Turns out these Multi-Hex minis will play for ANY team.  Though they are only used in the Season 2 Ultimate Games.  $12 mini of limited use, but they look cool.  Still they only take 1 draftpick.  We will do an email poll to see which 2 mega minis we select to add to the pool.  There are 4 choices, and we only get 2.

Here is the draft pool now....(With what I think they could pass for as regular team players)

  1. Lucky Logan MVP (Human Jack / Striker / Coach) 
  2. Slippery Joe MVP  (Goblin Jack / Coach)
  3. Reek Rolat MVP  (Rat Guard / Coach)
  4. The Enforcer MVP  (Human Guard / Coach) 
  5. Female corporation player 
  6. Female corporation player 
  7. Female corporation player 
  8. Female corporation player 
  9. Judwan player 
  10. Judwan player 
  11. Judwan player 
  12. Judwan player
  13. Z'zor Player
  14. Z'zor Player
  15. Z'zor Player
  16. Z'zor Player
  17. Robot player
  18. Robot player
  19. Robot player
  20. Robot player
  21. Asterian player (Space Elves)
  22. Asterian player (Space Elves)
  23. Asterian player (Space Elves)
  24. Asterian player (Space Elves)
  25. Nameless Player (Seafood)
  26. Nameless Player (Seafood)
  27. Nameless Player (Seafood)
  28. Nameless Player (Seafood)
  29. Zee Player (Monkeys)
  30. Zee Player (Monkeys)
  31. Zee Player (Monkeys)
  32. Zee Player (Monkeys)
  33. Teratons Player (Teleporting Dinos)
  34. Teratons Player (Teleporting Dinos)
  35. Teratons Player (Teleporting Dinos)
  36. Teratons Player (Teleporting Dinos)
  37. Wyn Greth'zki MVP  (Robot?)
  38. DBR-7 Prototype, Robot Season 2 MVP
  39. Ludwig (Z’zor) MVP - Season 2 MVP  (Z'zor Striker)
  40. Wildcard MVP  (Female Striker)
  41. Anne-Marie Helder – Female Human Season 2 MVP
  42. Mellisandra - Asterian MVP  (Asterian Jack / Stiker)
  43. Nightshade Season 2 MVP  (Asterian Striker / Jack)
  44. Mee-kel Judwan, Superstar Sportsman – Season 2 MVP  (Judwan Striker / Coach)  
  45. Gorim Ironstone MVP  (Dwarf Jack / Stiker) 
  46. Yurik “Painmaster” Yurikson, Forge Father Guard Season 2 MVP  
  47. Number 88 MVP  (Human Striker / Jack)
  48. Buzzcut MVP  (Just a really big guy Ogre? Guard)
  49. Coach Renton (Coach / Human Striker) 
  50. Coach Renton (Coach / Huamn Striker)
  51. John Doe MVP  (???  Coach / Cheerleader)
  52. Rico Van Dien MVP (Human Jack/Striker)
  53. Rilla MVP (Zee ???)
  54. Blaine MVP ("Predator", for Xtreme Dreadball, season 4)
  55. Alpha Simian (3 hex megamini) for Ultimate Dreadball
  56. MEGA 3 HEX for Ultimate Dreadball

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