September 24, 2012

Pulling the trigger on the kickstarter

Pulling the trigger on the Kickstarter tonight.

They are down to 65 sets of Striker packages...was over 200 on Friday and they are going fast.

Will be fronting the $290 for the Cheerleader (striker x2 set)...with two open teams for folks to jump in and get.

I'll also get drop the $50 on the Buy one get one free for the 4 season 2 teams.

Should those go untaken after folks see how fun the game looks...I'll paint them up and Ebay them.

Got a good start on an alternate gameboard.  Cut up about 225 hexes from the extra green tabletop fabric I had.  Will glue them down and make up a pretty sweet board this week.  Still working out the pattern as they are two tones of green, and swapping every other one on a hexmap doesn't quite work like it does with squares.  Will lay out the hexes and see what it looks like before I glue them down.

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