September 21, 2012

Teams Starting Lineups

Did a little research...here is what I discovered so far.

There are four types of player, but only three types that can be on a starting team...

  • Guards (Blockers and tough guys)
  • Strikers (Those that Score)
  • Jacks (Jack of all trades...can do almost everything.)
  • Keepers (Actually are Guard upgrades..can not start with a Keeper)

Each team starting out will have 8 players.
Each race has a predetermined selection of player types that they will start with.

Season 1 Teams
Corporation: 2 Guards, 3 Jacks, 3 Strikers (Human men)
Forge Fathers: 3 Guards, 3 Jacks, 2 Strikers  (Dwarves)
Orxs:  3 Guards, 5 Jacks, 0 Strikers  (Orcs and Goblins)
Veer-myn:  2 Guards, 6 Strikers   (Ratmen)

Season 2 Teams
Female Corporation: ? Possibly same as the men. (Human Females)
Robots: 8 Jacks (though they can transform mid game...details to come)
Z'Zor: ? Guards, ? Jacks, ? Strikers (Insects, All three models have been made)
Judwan: 8 Strikers...no other options. (Protoss / Star Wars cloner looking dudes)

Season 3 Teams
Asterians: ? Guards, ? Jacks, ? Strikers (Space elves)
Nameless: ? Guards (2 types), 0 Jacks, ? Strikers (Seafood Cthulhu)
Zees: 8 Jacks  (Chimp Clones, Planet of the Apes)
Teratons: ? Guards, ? Jacks, ? Strikers  (Teleporting Dinosaurs)

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