September 26, 2012

The Sons of an Orky - Dreadball Team

Think I figured out the theme of my Season 1 team.  (told yah I wouldn't mind if I got stuck with the Orks)

Team Name: The Sons of an Orky

Team Colors: Black with minimal Metal and White

Stadium:  Charming Field 

"Acquired" from The Charming Princes Corporation team...after the Princes were killed to a man in a match with the Sons

Roster  (* indicated founding 8)

  1. Clay (Guard) *
  2. Opie (Guard) *
  3. Tig (Guard) *
  4. Piney (Guard)
  5. Big Otto (Guard)
  6. Filthy Phil (Guard)
  7. Jax (Jack) *
  8. Big Otto (Jack) *
  9. Bobby Elvis (Jack) *
  10. Kozig (Jack) *
  11. Juice (Jack) *
  12. Chibbs (Jack)
  13. Miles? (Jack) - leave empty for MVP?
  14. Happy (Jack)
Course when "Ultimate Dreadball" comes the Sons multi-hex mini will be called Gemma.  (Have yet to pick it which one it will be though)

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