September 20, 2012

Current Kickstarter Status...

Ok...We are shooting for the "Cheerleader" kickstarter.  That way we would have 8 teams, 2 boards and all the MVP's we would need for a heck of a league...and hopefully help out with what seems to be a pretty neat game.

The Season 2 stuff not coming out until June so here is how we can get folks to buy into the base Kickstarter and add on the Season 2 stuff if they wish.

The Earlybird Cheerleader Kickstarter set we landed ($280) got us 8 teams of 14 players.
There are 16 MVP players (Mercs) that come with the kickstarter (8 initially, 8 more in June with season #2), and we will be getting two sets of them.  The is also one "Coach" mini in each set, we will put both of them in the draft pool.  We will keep one MVP set with the "League" and paint them up as they should be.  The 2nd set of the 16 duplicate MVP's and 2 coaches will be put into the "Draft Pool" 

The Draft pool will consist of the Duplicate MVP's and the 20 Team minis.  Many of the Duplicate MVP's could be painted as regular players. 

We will need 8 Core purchasers for $35.00 each.  Each of those folks will get One of the Core teams (14 players) and will take part of the Draft pool for the Extra minis.
With the draft you could start building up your second team (Robots / Amazon / Protoss / Insects / Space Elves).  

Then we get to the Add Teams for the Season #2 stuff that arrives in June 2013. (totally optional...4 teams for $50)
We have Season 2 Team slots available for $12.50 each.  These will get the player 8 minis from the Season two teams (Robots, Amazons, Insects, Protoss, and Space Elves)

They could pick up their extra players from the Draft pool above, or buy/trade the team minis / spare MVP's from the players that did draft them.

Then in Season #2 there are the "Keeper/Goalie" Minis for the first 4 core teams (Orc, Human Rat and Dwarf)  $15 gets all 4.
So $3.75 more you secure one of these....(Though if you drafted a Duplicate MVP...I'm sure they could pass for a "Keeper")

So here is the initial team buy in chart...

Base Set…
Striker x2 (Cheerleader) $280
Human $35.00 Lee
Human $35.00 Fab
Orx $35.00 Gregg
Orx $35.00 Rob 
Veer-Myn $35.00 Josh
Veer-Myn $35.00 Jeff 
Forge Fathers $35.00 Dereck
Forge Fathers $35.00 Chris 

* by name, means they person does not care which team they end up with.

SEASON 2 Add ons…

Must get all 8 slots above filled first.

Buy 1 Get 1 Season 2 

$25 for 2 teams               (8 player teams)
Robot $12.50 Jeff 
Female $12.50 *
Judwan $12.50 *
Zzor $12.50 *
Asterians $12.50 Rob *
Nameless $12.50 *

Keepers Pack $15 Rob

Season 2 Keeper Pack  $8
Amazon Keeper$4                   Fab 
Insect Keeper$4                   Rob
Robots and Protoss do not get keepers...No word on the space elves either.

MDF Playing Field     $25                 Rob

2 Extra Decks of Cards   $16            Rob

Season 1 Rulebook      Dereck
Season 2 Rulebook      Dereck & Rob

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