September 27, 2012

Tid bits for the League...

Hey Guys...

  Couple of odds and ends.

1) Looks like the kickstarter will hit the $500k mark.  That will unlock a Megahex sized mini. There is one being made for each of the starting 4 teams.  Each Striker package will get to choose one of those minis to be added to their package (sometime in June I'm guessing).  With the cheerleader package we will end up with two of them.  How to divy them out is the question.  They will only be used in "Ultimate Dreadball" games on a new Mega gameboard...where 4 teams can play at once.  Open to suggestions on how to divvy these out...put them in the Draft pool, at the cost of 2 rounds worth of picks?  Award them to the top two League finishers of our first season?  Random?

2) EDIT-Called "The Nameless"-  Based off the "John Doe" MVP.  Will be unlocked if they hit $515,000.  Will add 2 to each Striker set (4 for us) and add them to the Buy one Get one free 2 teams for $25 deal.

3) Coaches:  Rumor has it the Coach is used to gain extra "Coaching Dice".  The "Call the play" by putting the coach on the game track saying how many points you will score.  If you do score that amount, you get another coaching die.  So there is a use for any duplicate MVP mini you end up with that doesn't quite fit the team.

4) Cheerleaders:  Cheerleaders work in a similar way as coaches.  You place the Cheerleaders along the scoring track before the game starts.  If the game score lands on one of the spaces with your cheerleader that gets you a Fan check.  The Fancheck generates fan points which convert into coaching dice (4 points = 1 die I think).  So cheerleaders could be useful as well.

Lots of other ideas running through my head...but those can wait.

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