September 28, 2012

Judwan painting ideas

So the Judwan race I think pulls heavily from two Sci fi races...

as they may be my Season 2 team...I'll just post some random thoughts.

The first Sci Fi race that makes me think of them is the Protoss from the Starcraft PC games.

The Second is the Kimino race from Star Wars (the cloners)

Looks like I will end up with the Judwan as my 2nd team.  I'll do them up like the Kimino's.  All white, black eyes, light grey / light blue armor.  This will go well with my plans for an all white marble / porcelain piitch made from hextile.

Fitting team to go with my Orx and Goblins.  A team of Strikers to go with my team that doesn't have any.

Thats all for now.

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