September 20, 2012

Glossary of Dreadball Terms

Pulled from the game developers page...might be helpful to get into the jargon

Action: A Rush comprises a number of Actions. Each Action allows a single Player to perform a discrete task such as Slam an opponent or Throw the ball.  

Coach: the real world human playing the board game.  

Doubling: when the total number of successes in a roll is equal to twice the Target Number or more. Often triggers an additional effect.  

Free Action: an Action that does not cost a Team Action Token or a Special Move Card. usually earned by Doubling a Target Number.

 Guard: a type of Player. Guards are heavily armoured are are the most survivable. Their job is to make a hole in the opponent’s line and to protect their own Strikers. They cannot pick up the ball.

Jack: a type of Player. Jacks can try their hands at anything.  

Player: one of the imaginary individuals that make up a DreadBall team, represented by a model in the game. Players come in 3 types: Strikers, Jacks and Guards.  

Rush: a turn. Within a Rush a Coach is able to make a number of Actions. The game lasts for 14 Rushes, 7 for each Coach.  

Skill: a Stat. How good at throwing, catching and general ball handling skills a Player is.  

Slam: A type of Action in which a Player tries to knock an opponent down.  

Special Move Card: a type of DreadBall card. Each one defines a specific type of Action(s) that a specific type of Player(s) can perform by spending the card instead of a Team Action Token.  

Speed: a Stat. How agile and dodgy a Player is.  

Stat: short for statistic. This is one of the game values that defines a Player. There are 3 main stats: Strength, Speed and Skill.  

Strength: a Stat. How strong and fighty a Player is.

 Strike: the name for scoring in DreadBall. Used similarly to the term in bowling.  

Strike Hex: one of the target hexes that you must hit in order to score.  

Strike Zone: the area of the pitch in which you must be standing in order to make a legal Strike. In higher tech arenas the Strike Hex is often a holographic target and will only appear when a Player is in a position to legally score.  

Striker: a type of Player. Strikers are lightly armoured and are the best at handling the ball. Their job is to make Strikes. They cannot Slam opponents.  

Success: a result on a single dice that equals or exceeds the Stat against which the roll is being made.  

Target Number: the number of Successes required in a dice roll to perform the Action.

 Team Action Token: one of the 5 tokens that a Coach gets each Rush to activate his Players with.

Threat Hex: the three hexes immediately in front and adjacent to a Player. Opposing Players standing in a Threat Hex are penalised for some dice rolls.  

Throw: a type of Action in which a Player attempts to launch the ball either to a teammate, at a Strike Hex in order to score a Strike, or at an opponent in order to injure them.

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